Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I was checking out Dire Straits of Kuwait, at . She discussed some not-nice incidents (scary) that took place over National Day/Liberation day. I related the following comments, which I am repeating here as they may be useful to people who have problems:

There was nowhere near the police presence there should have been during the national/liberation day holiday. There were lots of policemen, but not enough. They couldn’t handle the crowds and perhaps proper crowd-control measures should be put in place for the next go-around. When Alawi of Iraq visited Kuwait, at least the civil defense was on alert and the MOI helicopters hovered above Marina Mall, where he was visiting. I saw NO helicopters on N/L day holiday at all. There were police mobile stations and then pockets of roaming groups of “bad boys” intent at causing problems for people, rather than celebrating with the happy people.

The police regularly tell me that there is "nothing they can do”(even when I have been flashed by drugged-up perverts and had my car rammed by idiots wanting me to take their numbers!) because I complain if something happens. When the hyped-up druggy/pervert/potential-rapist left (after running from his car after me with his pants down into the lobby of my building), I called the police and they actually told me to go back into the street to wait for the police to arrive (or the guy to finish the job!)

There is, however, something that people can do when they are told this: take the officer's name, note the time and the police station; and on the next business day, call the Ministry of Interior 243-0500, ask for Sheikh Nawaf's (the Minister’s) office, and report the officer. If the person answering doesn’t speak English – ask for their fax number. You can tell the officer your plans and it actually gets results. Sheikh Nawaf takes these issues very seriously and the officers will be reprimanded. (The Diwan of the Crowne Prince and Prime Minister's number is 80 00 00.)

Then, call or write reporters from the local newspapers and tell them what happened.

If no one voices their objection to these callous acts by lazy individuals, nothing will be done.


Ms.Baker said...

You are so right desert girl, Sh. Nawaf does take these things seriously thank God. And even though silence may seem easier ("just let it go") , in this country its the wrong thing to do with this type of crap. I can't believe a guy chased you into your building with his pants down! Next time turn around, point at his crotch and laugh your ass off in wee willie winkies face.

Ms.Baker said...
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Desert Girl said...

Funny you should mention that... When he realized I was willing to fight him (instead of saying, 'Oh baby, I am just dying to have sex with you - right here, right now'), he got this terrified look on his face and that's when I started smiling and really started swinging. I think he was on drugs - his eyes were really glassy and his teeny tiny soldier was NOT standing at attention!

The whole time, he is saying, "Please, Maam, please". Ew! Maybe he had some kind of teacher fantasy.

I also saw another guy in gutara/aghal in the parking lot of Souq Sharq "spanking the monkey" when I got close to his car.

Ya know... for 2kd and a shawarma, there are women in Jleeb willing to help these "men" with their problems!