Saturday, July 07, 2012

Wedding Dresses

I was freakin out because The Romanian's son is getting married in a few month and as usual, I have nothing to wear.  I usually don't care, but this time, it is important that all of her friends look fantaaabulous as she hasn't seen her former husband's family in about 20 years and we should all look good for the wow-factor.

She showed me a dress here in Kuwait for 840KD.  I told her I would shop in the States and come back with something nicer and way less.

I ended up in David's Bridal.  I hadn't been there in years since my sisters' weddings. I kind of remember their dresses as being kind of cheesy and not good quality (okay, well it was the 80's when both cheesy and poor quality were in style).

The service I received was phenomenal and I ended up buying a dress for The Romanian and one for me.  I love the fitting rooms - rows of spacious rooms on both sides of a wide corridor with mirrors all over the place and bright lights.  There is lots of room for the entire bridal party to sit and watch the bride (or bridesmaids) try on dresses.  And since I didn't have friends with me, the incredibly gorgeous sales lady modeled about 6 different dresses.  All the David's stores are the same (they are all over the US and going to the UK soon.  Someone should jump on the wagon and open one in Kuwait - cha CHING).

Spanx had turned me on to Two Birds and I looked at a dress from there, but didn't want to drop $300 for something that I didn't know would fit me.  The dress I found at David's was similar and didn't have the worry of having to wrap anything around me like the Two Birds dress.

This is the dress I bought for myself.  It hides all of my unwanted stuff:

Check out the size and color range!

If you don't know about David's - to check them out online at  They have everything from bridal gowns to flower girl dresses; invitations, shoes, and accessories.  You won't believe the prices either (wedding gowns on sale from a few hundred dollars or less; bridesmaids dresses from $79).  I would imagine that you could order through Sultan Center's Just Ask.  You just have to order early because they have their dresses made most of the time.

I like that they update their selections regularly - including the colors so that they are the most "in" for the moment.


Expat and the City said...

The dress and color is stunning. :)

Anonymous said...

We went to David's Bridal for my daughter's prom dress. I thought we were just going to go there to see about what size she would wear. However, we found the perfect dress for about $100, but then I asked for a discount (just because) and I got it for $79. I never thought I would get away with being that cheap on a prom dress, but she looked great and we had money to spend on other things. The dress you got is perfect for various body types and I am sure you are going to look wonderful.

Anonymous said...

The dress is beautiful. Thanks for giving me an idea on where to look for a dress. I have a wedding to go to next month in NY.

Michael said...
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John said...
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Ellison said...

I am searching for bridal dresses as I am getting married soon. The bridal dresses that you have shared over here are really awesome and they all are like very precious one. I must say that you have shared very great collection over here

VannyH said...

Hey. How does this Just Ask service Really work? Coz ive found my dream gown from LIGHTINTHE and was wondering about how i could ship it without any problems

shirley said...

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