Monday, July 09, 2012

Block Island: Where I'm taking mom for her birthday

Block Island, Rhode Island
I grew up (part of my growing up) in Rhode Island; the smallest state in the US.  We used to spend summers visiting Block Island (off Rhode Island), which is just a little larger than Failaka - at 9 miles long (I think Failaka is around 7).  It takes approximately an hour to get out there by traditional ferry (which I prefer over the fast ferry).  There is no need to rush to get out to a place like this; the ferry trip is part of the experience.

Block Island is gorgeous.  It reminds me of Ireland with the same high cliffs and light surrounded by deep waters.  Most of the buildings are victorian style as are the islands small hotels. Many are painted by salt-spray (beach) roses.  Nothing luxery, but just pretty and quaint.

So this year, I asked my mom if she'd like to do a road trip from DC to Rhode Island and stop at Block Island.  My mom is an adventuress like me who actually likes long trips in the car.  It's all about the journey and seeing things along the way.

Rhode Island sea shore is gorgeous - probably some of the prettiest coast line I've ever seen on several continents.  I love the rocky shores, the seafood, crashing waves, and the smell of the salt air.  Plus, traditional Rhode Island cuisine is unique to anywhere else in the US.  I can not wait to get my hands on some greasy clam cakes dipped in katsup.  And Del's Lemonade!  Fresh Del's is like no other lemonade anywhere (someone please look into opening a franchise in Kuwait!).

The beaches and the scenery along the way to Point Judith where the ferry docks is awe-inspiring.  Miles and miles of beaches, light houses and small towns. Driving by the mansions in Newport and over the bridges, feeling the sea salt on my face;.  I've really missed it.

Like most people growing up, I never took the time to appreciate everything the state has to offer and I haven't been back there in years, so this is going to be a great trip with my dear pal and travelling companion.  I have been to some of the most amazing places with my mother; something I have also grown to appreciate tremendously over the years.

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