Monday, July 02, 2012

Free Legal Advice in Kuwait

The Legal Section of the Arab Times had grown to about an entire page now.  Write to them if you have questions.


Anonymous said...

Maria Shannon said...

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Richard Mooney Attorney said...

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Tiara said...

Dear Ma'am,
i have brought my wife and kids on a family visa yesterday and today i went to one typing center to inquire about the process of stamping their residence, when the guys saw the passport and the visa, they were amazed to see my family enter Kuwait without any medical stamp on their passport or visa and they have said i cannot stamp their residence and i have to send them back.
i would like to know if anything can be done here in Kuwait without sending them back as i want my kids to study and i have already taken their leaving certificate from India school. now i am worried cos my kids might spoil their year of school.
appreciate for your prompt reply.

Anonymous said...

My flat tenant lady put a molest case on me. If i win the case and proved innocent and not guilty. What kind of case i can compensation case i can put on her to cover my loss of Money of the lawer and my stress condition during the course of the case and bad name with my family and community.? Upto howmuch compensation i can demand? Or can i keep her in jail for a month instead of compensation to just revenge those days i was in jail for a week time when i was arrested.