Sunday, July 15, 2012

Proof Read Much or What?

Coming from any English-speaking country, you can't help but giggle at some of the misspellings on all kinds of things; maybe most frequently on menus where you will find "lamp" and sometimes "bred"; or even on street or business signage ("Iron Man Jim").  The below is probably the worst signage I've seen in Kuwait; not because of misspellings, but for the complete butchering of the English language.

 (As seen behind Fanar Mall in Salmiya)

Stand clear:  Construction site. 
Warning:  Falling debris from demolition.  Not responsible for damages.


Anonymous said...

This is all over Kuwait, I am surprised nobody is living in the building - I see a carpet hanging on the balcony on the left. They should worry about people in this building and have a crew at the jobsite to maintain security when they decide to demolish. You went to Salmiya?

Desert Girl said...

Em yeah - I go to Salmiya all the time. It isn't that far from the Kingdom of Rumaithiya. :)

Chess said...

loool even though they wrote they won't be liable to damages, legally they will be completely liable for damages made by their falling debris.
So not only did they butcher the english language, but they were attempting to butcher the justice system ;P