Wednesday, July 11, 2012

US/Non-US Divorce in Kuwait

I am wondering if anyone can help me answer this for a friend.

They're both in Kuwait.  Her husband is American; she's not. They have children together.  He has dumped her for another woman and moved out of their house, leaving her to pay the bills.

Now, here comes my questions:  How does she resolve this?  Does she have to go to the US to get a US divorce lawyer and sue him for child support and alimony?  Can she find a lawyer in Kuwait?

My first question would be "where did they get married"? and I'll have to find out.

Anybody have advice?  Lawyer contacts?


Paul said...

I'm a former divorce attorney from Michigan working here as a corporate attorney. Several issues arise when determining jurisdiction for filing divorce. For instance, is his employer an American company? Secondly, do they have a residence in the States (where they can demonstrate they are residents in said state, i.e., house, bank accounts, etc)? Thirdly, are they Muslim? Lastly, how young are the children and are there any boys? Many answers have to be addressed before determining where to file the divorce claim. My recommendation is to locate a divorce lawyer in their home state who has substantial experience in international cases such as this, and to seek counsel of a family lawyer here in Kuwait who also has experience with AMERICAN expats.

Desert Girl said...

Hi Paul and thank you so much for writing back to elaborate.

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