Monday, July 16, 2012

Thank you, ladies of the US Embassy Kuwait

I would like to thank several women who have moved on to the next steps on their journeys with the Department of State.  They have helped me during the last few years at the US Embassy and compliments should be given where compliments are due.

First, my friend Rachel, who left Kuwait several months ago to her new posting.  Rachel reached out to various members of the media in Kuwait - including me - to help promote activities and positive PR at the Embassy.  She invited me to various social events and turned into a dear friend who I sincerely admire for her professionalism and sunny/kind outlook.  She worked towards promoting young women in Kuwait and assisted a dear friend (non-blood relative); ultimately changing her life and greatly improving her chances for a much brighter future.

Next, Virginia, who extended invitations and invited me into her home.  I knew her through friends and although I never had the opportunity to get to know her as well as they; I sincerely appreciated being included in their group activities when I was.

Of course, I miss HE Deborah Jones all the time.  I miss seeing her face in the news and hearing about what she talked about in the diwaniyas.  I enjoyed it most when she got into hot water.  I saw her as a kindred rebel spirit and it was a great honor for me to have brief glimpses into her life here.

Thank you, ladies, for coming to Kuwait and touching my and others' lives in small, but profound ways.  Your work here was appreciated. 


Anonymous said...

During my timeframe in Kuwait I understand that quite a few Americans have gone to jail in Kuwait for knowingly breaking the laws of this country. Many currently are behind bars, so does the US Embassy in Kuwait visit these prisoners? I was viewing the US Embassy's website in the UAE and this is what they post on this topic. I also understand that a letter was released to all Americans in Kuwait a few years ago by this Embassy that they will NOT visit them in the Kuwait prison. Why are these two Embassies SO different in their approach to American citizen affairs overseas?

Arrest of an American citizen:

"When in a foreign country, U.S. citizens are subject to that country's laws and regulations, which often differ significantly from those in the U.S. and may not afford the same protections that are available in the United States. Foreign countries' judicial systems and respect for certain rights are also likely to be quite different than what citizens expect in the United States. Please familiarize yourself with information and a description of the UAE court system.
In the event of an arrest, American citizens and/or friends and relatives of American citizens are encouraged to notify the Embassy or Consulate General so that a consular visit can be arranged. While a consular visit is not intended to arrange for a prisoner's release or provide legal counsel, it does allow a consular officer to meet with American citizen prisoners in order to monitor their physical and mental well-being, to inquire about mistreatment or abuse, to ensure that their treatment is in accordance with conventions in force and commonly accepted international standards, to provide information on the local legal system and a list of local lawyers, to ascertain if medical care is needed, and to facilitate contact with family and friends as requested by the prisoner.

The American Citizen Services unit can also help prisoners stay up-to-date on developments related to their cases. If a lawyer is retained, we strongly encourage incarcerated U.S. citizens and their families and friends to work closely with the lawyer regarding details of the judicial proceedings. Consular officers and staff cannot act as lawyers or pay legal costs."

Anonymous said...

I am currently in kuwait prison. The american embassy do visit every 6 to 8 months. But they are worthless! They act like they are concerned about human rights, but just a big lie! I been through alot mentally and physically and have informed the embassy the problems. They done nothing!! When they come to the next visit you assumed they have answer or fixed the problem. Guess what? There's a new consular trainee. What happen to last person you expressed your concern? Then the prison do not provide health and welfare items, tooth paste, soap, etc. So I asked the embassy to check into that or can they help and provide the americans these items? I do not need to waste my time what their answer! No! But the British inmate embassy help and provide these items to their citizen. The British do much more than the American Embassy and why? I can go on and on how bad the american embassy kuwait treat their citizens. They treat and look at us as criminals, when most of us are here do to their legal system and not guilty. The American Embassy makes me hate to be an american.