Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Remote Control Contact Lenses

I'm pretty sure this is an April fools joke .... LINK. From the I Want One Of Those (IWOOT) website:

"Bored with being blue eyed? Beginning to lose sight of the TV? Step into the 22nd Century with ContaXt Digital Lenses, the contacts that let you see the unseen, and be seen with the coolest looking eyes imaginable. Throw away your glasses and cancel your appointment at the opticians - ContaXt Digital Lenses will change the way you see the world. These contact lenses are straight out of a science fiction film yet they're as simple to use as normal contact lenses and there's no need for a prescription. The designers vast knowledge of nanotechnology means that the ContaXt will expand and contract depending on the imperfections in your eyes - basically they adjust to suit your prescription. If your eyesight gets worse over time then the lenses will compensate, and they're self cleaning so you need never replace them.

This is all made possible by the millions of nanobots (WTF is a "nanobot?") that live inside the lens. They're powered by the electrolytes contained in the salt of your tears meaning they're self repairing, self cleaning and will last for as long as you're alive. Not only do the nanobots control the shape of the lens, providing you with perfect 20/20 vision, but one press of the included remote control can radically change your eye shade to any one of 6 colours (with more available to download) and there's a 4x optical zoom available.

Set your sight on the future and pick up a pair of ContaXt Digital Lenses, they're a sight for sore eyes."


lewp91 said...

i saw this and thaught nahhh??
o right course... 1st april.. ahahha

Anonymous said...

I just spotted this one too!
It made me laugh out loud - just AFTER I briefly, but seriously wondered whether Star Trek nano-bots had recently become a reality......

Oh, if only...............

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