Monday, April 27, 2009

New Cameras in Kuwait?

I got the following from a friend via e-mail. Are these cameras really operational in Kuwait? (looks like the UAE). Eeeek.


These are not just nicer looking radar cameras - they are a lot more lethal, so be careful.

First thing is that these cameras do NOT flash. They can take photos in complete darkness through ultra-light sensors, so even if it does not flash, it could have caught you. They also automatically read your number plate from the picture taken.

Now, comes the thing that catches most people. These cameras are continuous photo-taking cameras and they will take your photo regardless if you have been speeding or not. Then the next camera in 3-5 kms again does the same. Now, instead of checking your speed through advanced radars, these cameras are very simple and all they do is calculate how fast you traveled between the 2 cameras. If you arrived at the next camera faster than 120 km/h (or whatever the speed limit is) then you get fined.

What does this mean?
It means that you can stop speeding up between cameras and slowing down as it does not matter anymore. If you are speeding in between 2 cameras you will get fined. Furthermore, don't be fooled by no flash flashing that the camera is not working.


Patrick Semaan said...

Like in Europe, only it came so much later to Kuwait.

I like that and I am with such implementation and measures for traffic safety. Most people slow down when they see the camera (Kuwait is tiny and people know where the cameras are) but then they speed up again, so its sort of pointless. These cameras will do the job.

What do you think about these new camera yourself?

Desert Girl said...

Pat - I think they suck.

Like the other 98.9% of the other drivers on Kuwait roads (with a decent car/income) I'm not so much concerned with a ticket as I would be with say - POLICE PATROLS and actual enforcement. They're hiring new police recruits all the time, yet - I rarely see them actually enforcing the law with speeders - and even with people who crash into other vehicles.

Traffic cameras are nice, but as anyone in Kuwait knows, you can easily disable them with a jar of Vasoline and a ski mask...

Tony said...

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nYx said...

LOL @ Tony;
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Sh3itan 3ab'yad!

nastasja said...

Desert Girl, please would you be kind to tell me something about laws regarding to taking photos of the Kuwait city? And what about putting them on Facebook or other similar sites?
Thanks in advance!