Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Face

You know, sometimes when bad things happen they are actually a blessing? You never know what is going to happen right around the corner or what is in God’s Big Plan. That is how I am feeling this week: Everything happens for a reason. That should be my mantra – and most of the time it is. Everything should also be a blessing, and so it is.

I had an incident a week ago today when someone I loved and trusted verbally insulted me to the extent that it reached the point of no return. Some things you just can’t SAY to people. Take a deep breath; count to ten; take a long walk. But don’t say something you will regret later out of sheer anger. There is so much ugliness in the world; so much hatred and anger. Sometimes it is hard to see the beauty that is right there.

This past weekend for me was like being a villager at the bottom of an erupting volcano: I couldn’t get out of the way fast enough, couldn't get off the island, and was enveloped by molten lava. I got burned.
Then, I got the flu (probably out of stress) and was lifeless for a few days.

And then, and then, and then…..

I’ve had a really lovely week. I have met new friends and spent time with old ones.

A dear Bahraini friend came to Kuwait on a military conference and I took him to dinner. I used to go to Bahrain every-other-week to hang around with a group of really good/crazy friends; most of them from the Bahraini Air Force and their girlfriends/friends. I met them through my friend, Liza, from San Antonio who worked at Lackland AFB and put me in touch with one of her good pilot friends when I first got here. It was like we were long-lost friends. I felt like I had known him forever. I used to love going to Bahrain. Then, as time passes and things change, the group disbursed; this one got married to that one; someone left for training; that one was fighting with another one. So, I stopped traveling to Bahrain for a long time. Anyways, it was great catching up. I think I hadn’t seen him since something like 2001. Time goes so fast and you don’t even realize it.

Last night, I met some friends from this here blog. We have been e-mail corresponding for a long time and we finally went to dinner. Anytime I combine sushi and coffee (a day worth’s in this case), I talk waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much (especially if I like the people), so I hope I didn’t bore them too much.

I love meeting people from the blog. It is always interesting, but at the same time, kind of weird because they always know everything about me (literally) and I know very little about them. Also, because the Desert Girl persona is kind of my alter-ego, people perceive me differently (I think). That definitely was true of one particular blogger who assumed that I would be his easy lay when his wife was out of town. Do I really give off that impression that I would do something like that? I digress.

We had a lovely dinner and I really enjoyed meeting them. I sent the new female friend in the group to my outstanding GYN at the Royale Hyatt and BADA BING! She’s pregnant. (Ladies, don’t drink the water in Kuwait!) LOL. Congratulations!!!
I look for signs in my world. On my birthday, a white feather floated down from the sky in front of me. Two days ago, another white feather appeared on my terrace. P3 (Petey, Paint, and Petunia - the cats) are usually at the top of my stairs, watching over me; but this morning, a stray dog appeared out of nowhere and seemed to be keeping watch, then disappeared again. (This is nothing new to me - animals of both the 2-legged and 4-legged variety seek me because I understand them).

I’m ready for a good weekend. I really want to get to Kabd. I haven’t seen friends there for a while – maybe it is time. I read the tarot for myself and it said that I have been neglecting people who need me. I know there are several of my friends going through REALLY bad times – both here and in the States – and I should have been doing a better job of supporting them.

I love this song and it has been playing inside my head. I think that the lyrics are apr├Ęs peau today. Destiny’s Child, Happy Face:

I woke up this morning, the sunshine was shining
I put on my happy face
I'm living, I'm able, I'm breathing, I'm grateful
To put on my happy face
Woke up and realized this world's not so bad after all
Looked at it through A child's eyes,
and I saw these beautiful Things
that you Never think about
Like the ocean, moonlight, Stars and clouds
It's amazing how we don't appreciate Our blessings
There's plenty of people who don't like me
But there's ten times more who love me
and I love myself
Sometimes, it gets tough, It gets tough
But I can't give up, Can't give up
Just take a deep breath, Close my eyes
Feel the love and Give a smile
I woke up this morning, The sunshine was shining
I put on my happy face
I'm living, I'm able, I'm breathing, I'm grateful
To put on my happy face
It's me, I just wanna be happy
just be happy
Just be happy
Today is the day I am willing to say
I will put all the Past behind me,
No more enemies
Ready 'cause
I'm living in this world
I wanna make a change
Gonna make a change
Put on my happy face
I woke up this morning…


esvee said...

"Whatever it may happen to me, its always for my good" This is my mantra.And trust me,it was/is so true for me.There is a verse in Bhagavad Gita which says the same thing. Take care DG.Be Happy always! :)

esvee said...

here it is - a rough translation of that verse from Bhagavad Gita.

"Whatever happened in the past was for the best, whatever is happening now is for the best and whatever will happen in the future is also going to be for the best. So don't feel sorry about the past and do not worry about the future. Just concentrate on the present."

This is one verse which has helped me thru my life.

Abdullah said...

That's it keep the positive thinking and its true some times things happen and you see them as if they are bad but you don't see the hole picture like the big guy up there he might have a plan for you.
And it all will just work out really well at the end. :)
smile enjoy your life and always keep you head high ;)

Ging said...

Have a wonderful weekend and a happy face!!!

Desert Girl said...

Yeah, I think I'm going to walk around this weekend with a great big smile, saying hello to everyone I pass - just for shits and giggles. What is generally a normal thing in many parts of the world can be construed as something quite different (she's MENTAL!!!) in another! LOL.

Thanks, Yalls. And thanks Abdullah for the wonderful e-mail!