Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pissed Off at Federal Express in Kuwait

I am totally pissed off with FedEx.

"Wherever you plan on taking your business internationally, FedEx is ready with the solutions, the resources and the support to help get you where you want to go. " Ok. It'll get there, but....

My mom sent me a little box of candy and a few cards from family members for my birthday (April 16) via FedEx. Declared value: $15.00.

When the box arrived 2 days ago, the driver asked me for KD33.950 for customs and duties fees. Whaaaaaa? I told him he would have to return as I didn't have the cash on me. He left the paperwork.

The Kuwait General Administration of Customs form indicated that the value of the package was $1500.00 (notice the decimal placement).

And so began my saga....

I called 5 people at FedEx within a day and a half. I scanned and e-mailed the documentation. Only one woman returned my call (as they all promised they would). You would think that "I'm sorry" was the only phrase she knows, poor thing. Bless her heart: She told me to pay the KD33.950, get my box, and then file a claim.

Uh, Je ne thinkso pas!!!! Jeez. Why should a CUSTOMER have to pay for a mistake made by the shipping company?

Way to F up my birthday, dudes.

You know what - with all the ab-so-lute incredible amount of stress and BS I've been under lately, seeing my mother's handwriting on the packing slip was almost enough for me. I would like to get the Peeps she sent me, though. I know she had to take 2 busses just to get to the FedEx location in her area (she doesn't drive) and shipping probably ran her around $85. Why you want to put an old lady through that, FedEx????

It is the only time that I use FedEx at all. Maybe one shipment per year. That's it. Inevitably, something manages to go wrong that one time.

The driver brought the package back again the next day (only damaged this time) - and again asked for the money. Nope.

Did you know that regardless of the value of the package, FedEx now charges a KD3 fee for National Aviation Services (NAS) to handle the package? WTF?! Why am I paying NAS?



Purgatory said...

better smuggle them with some GI's

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, didn't I read somewhere that DHL International was pulling out of the US?

Anyhow, Happy Belated Birthday!!

Cr8ivia said...

fedex are just getting worse and worse
i have packages since 19/3 held in customs
and till now there is no explanation !

Anonymous said...

I wish I could say something cheery, but all I can think of is "welcome to Kuwait."

On the other hand, my US credit card company just had a glitch they couldn't fix quickly and now my VOIP is inoperable because the automatic charge didn't go through. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

So it isn't Kuwait - sometimes things just get messed up.

I almost cried at the part about your sweet Mom and the two buses. :-(

Cutter said...

Don't know if DHL shut down totally in the US or simply shut down domestic service (still continuing to offer international shipments)?

My personal experience: Historically DHL rules for shipping OUT of North America. Period.

Abdullah said...

DHL sucks two trust me i order stuff to kuwait every week or so Aramex ftw! they are really good on timing and charge 2.5KD per Lbs

Anonymous said...

Fed Ex is poor in the customer service front, they blame thedelivery on kuwait customs and all that rubbish. TNT and DHL are better alternatives.

Anonymous said...

We just had a one week delay getting our shipments from USA through customs here in Kuwait...and Fedex wouldn't return phone calls. The shipping guy here says never use Fedex, go with DHL.

vinz-q8 said...

Happy B'day DG !!

Anonymous said...


So true. FEDEX are indeed horrible.
I had received couple of parcels and the first time, since they had multiple deliveries with the same work address, my package was almost delivered wrongly. Some little voice within me made me call them up to find out that it was lying unattended, because dude had delivered it to the mail room.
The second time, I called them up, requested them for hand delivery. Yet no use. Deaf ears in FEDEX.
I did tell dude that if he wants, I can explain to the senior manager in FEDEX about the sloppy service and then comes the apology.

Looks like DHL is fine.

Wow!!! Belated B'day wishes girl.
Unmindful of the hate mails you receive, continue to do what you are doing.

Take care girl.

Anonymous said...

Fedex got caught smuggling I was told in mid March so that might explain why your shipment has been on hold since the 19/3. all the Courier companies get charged to KD3 from NAS but some like DHL exempt customers who have shipments which dont have much of a value.

I use DHL as their the biggest and they always try and help you.

Desert Girl said...

Thanks for all the B-day wishes!

I finally got my package - after calling a friend in FedEx, Dubai and back-tracking. I still had to pay 9KD. My family will never use FedEx (which actually stands for "Fucked up Excuse".

I heard that they got busted recently by Customs in Kuwait for allowing contraband items to get through. Maybe their former managers had wastah. Most of the management now is new. Sounds like they're on Customs' shit list...

Yeah, DHL and Aramex are my friends.

abolesanzalef said...

let me say onething about shipment here in kuwait
- first , its too expensive.
- second, bad servie
- third, all are so horrible.......

but anyway, we have nothing but them...... Allah help!

Anonymous said...

I have fedex tracking number: 409512559722

Until now, I recieved nothing!, with DHL, I recieve my package BEFORE 12 PM!!!!! sometimes, I even recieve my package at 9AM!!!! DHL Rocks, Fedex can take a hike. Stupid american services, GERMANY FTW :)

ostrich said...

dg i think iam addicted to your blogs now.

what do you guys think about kuwait post which handles packages from usps. please contribute to my blogs about kuwaitthanks

abo-nasser said...

i know its an old post but it happened to me couple weeks ago i bought statue from ebay and sent it to myus address then i paid for shipping through fedex around $270 then after 4 days fedex driver called me for delivery and asked for 43KD for customs value even though i received my statue box totally broken i cant return the item because its super rare and for the wooden box i called carpenter to fix it soo no more fedex i will go with dhl because i used to deal with them and never asked me for customs fees i already paid them