Sunday, May 04, 2008

Kuwait - Informing People????

Check this out. I have been wondering what the hey they have been ERECTING on the sides of the road; some look like they could be walk-overs (whatchamacall'ems - pedestrian over-passes), but then my curiosity was quelled on this one. Someone (the Universe) actually listened to my ramblings! I believe this to be an actual traffic information board. Holy shit!

This particular board is on 4th Ring Rd right before 40.

Me wonders what they will have on it (Engleeezi or Aaaarabi); how many spelling and gramatical mistakes?; who will update the information; how often, etc. etc. Me further wonders if it would be possible to hack into the system and write personal opinions: "Flan is a sonofabitch!" (aka "bin gahbwaaa").

The new law on mobile phone use while driving: Obviously, it hasn't reached SOME people! For example, the guy(Camry driver - you know the type!) who drifted into our lane yesterday while on the phone. Slapperella honked and dude shows us his phone as if to say, "Hey! Can't you see I'm on a call?" Maybe the info-boards should target people like him, "Yo Dumbass! Get off the phone!"

Oh, I'm sure you want to know about my weekend, right?

I met a cute guy at the SAS who is the right age, the right intelligence, the right height, etc. He is, unfortunately, one of those open-minded dudes who is a manager at an Islamic bank (in other words, he's got a beard because he wants to further his career; also known as being hypocritical). That means sneaking around so that other "Islamic" folks don't see him. I'm not into that whole bullshit underground theory. I'm too transparent for all that crap. Heavy sigh. My species takes fear as a sign of weakness. :) I just use those kinds of men for sport.

On the way home, The Romanian and I saw a guy in a car next to us who was waving. We thought we knew him, but didn't remember from where. He remembered us (do we make THAT big of an impression or is it that we embarass ourselves wherever we go?) and invited us to a party at the Marina Residence. Have ya ever looked up at that magnificent building and wondered what the parties were like at the room on the top? Ok, let me tell you: fanfuckintastic! It is GORGEOUS. It is as if you're not in Kuwait, but at some 5 star restaurant somewhere else. The view is amazing - on the 15th floor overlooking the Gulf Road and Marina Crescent with large picture windows on a half circle. There is a wood dancefloor, a bar area, and an area for a buffet - with restaurant style seating. The ceiling is lit with little fairy lights that change colors and look like stars. We had such a nice time; good people; good music (a really outstanding guy playing the oud and a DJ); good food; amazing atmosphere.

Now I'm back at work and actually have to do several reports - which I'm totally not in the mood for today. Why can't I just be rich and play all day?


Purgatory said...

If you do get rich, I want half.

Evil Knievel said...

I want access to that info board!!!

Me123 said...

Thanks for the info on the hotel..finally coming to kuwait (after 22 years) with my husband, who is from there. I would love more information on some fun spots (touristy??) to visit. Any info is appreciated

Me123 said...

Thanks for the info at the Marina Residence....sounds fun. Have been married to someone from Kuwait for 22 years---finally come to Kuwait. I would like to check out some fun places!!!!!! Please inform