Sunday, May 25, 2008

What kind of BS is THIS?

What kind of bullshit nonsense is THIS?

WHO submitted the study? WHO came up with the idea for the study? What was the basis? WHO were the researchers and what was their methodology?

First of all, in the US, most of the primary teachers are women (and the schools are mixed gender). Does that mean that a majority of the population of the US is now gay?

What about those kids who are educated at home? Do they turn gay?

What about if a girl has a primary teacher who is a man? Does she turn into a lesbian?

What about religious leaders who had primary school teachers who were female?

Homosexuality has always been around. It isn’t suddenly increasing: It is just a matter of coming out of the closet.

Doesn’t Kuwait have enough problems between genders (like an accelerated rate of divorce) without SOME people trying to further segregate genders? The only way people will understand each other is if they live and work together. If a male kid is taught that he should stay away from a female kid; he is going to think there is something wrong with her. (Likewise with a female kid; or if someone is of another religion/culture/country, etc.) They will grow up being more comfortable (in many ways) with people of their own gender. Segregation of any kind breeds misconception and prejudice.
Honestly - I have to stop reading the newspaper.


Evil Knievel said...

This really is a lot of BULL SHIT !!!
Too much money wasted on stupid researches...
Or maybe they have too many people employed that have enough time to come up with crap like this!!

No3iK said...

this is a joke!?

what kind of study is this? who did it .. what was it based on???

there are no numbers or facts .. just total BS ..

sick sick ppl!

Loolykinns said...

i think the article meant (gay guys)... but oh well...

being gay (the way i see it) comes from:
* spoiling a kid waay over the limit
* being with females most of the time in his early years
* wrong rising
* being raised along with different gender
* wrong fellows
* wrong education
* gene issues

its not totally wrong to say female teachers in primary schools is one of the many reasons and factors that are responsible for gayness in kuwait...

its totally not wrong for "male" kids to be educated totally by male teachers in primary years... to me they'd teach'em responsibility, respect and maybe brute force so they dont become so dependent and sissy and stuff... while "female" kids to be educated totally by female teachers in primary years... they'd teach'em responsibility, respect and how to be good housewives so when they grow up they'd know how to run their houses (even though its waaay to early for them)

you cant compare 2 total different societies like KUWAIT and US... both have totally different standards and ways of living... living like them is impossible... so does living like us...

instead, you should compare the TEACHERS AND TEACHING METHODS used between Kuwait and US teachers... totally different so thats why they turn gay in here and turn straight out there...

and another big no-no is that you let your boy play along with his older sister(s)... they'd feminine him and all... that goes to girls and her elder brothers... who knows they could teach her how to fish, fight like a man and even lift weights and body building!

the article isn't entirely wrong... females teaching boys in early years WOULD turn them gay ... as much as any other factor and reason... but remains one of the reasons

then again.. everyone is entitled to their opinion... and thats mine... and thats his... and this is yours =P

eshda3wa said...


u think there was an actual study done.

some moron sat on his desk and desided to bullshit and tadaaa
that was produced!

BLaSha said...

parents should complain!!!!!!

KTDP said...

I agree with the article. All women should be burned at the stake!

And then men and men can get married , have kids and raise them in a correct, socially acceptable manly way ......

Oh wait that would be gay .......

oh well I guess It's one of those catch 22 situations .....
(Yes I am being sarcastic)

Desert Girl said...


Yeah loolykinns, I guess you are entitled to your own opinion..... hmmmmm. No comment.

Qatar Cat said...

I thought I laughed enough when I read the newspaper article... but then I saw Loolykinns comment!



Jewaira said...

Actually, there are many people who hold the same or similar opinions as loolykinns as inane as one might think them to be.

It's important I think to know what people are thinking and then to educate or enlighten them about issues that they have formed stereotyped opinions of.