Thursday, May 08, 2008

Expat Information

I came across this website ( a while back that offers assistance to people (expats) moving to other countries - including Kuwait. The Kuwait site is HERE. There isn't a lot of information there about Kuwait.

Would you people out there please help me answer questions about Kuwait? I think a lot of newcomers are being misinformed by well-intentioned people that don't really understand.

It is a matter of the blind-leading-the-blind. If someone comes to Kuwait on a 1-2 year contract or rotation and doesn't integrate into Kuwaiti society (and this means actually becoming friends with 1 or 2 Kuwaitis), then how are they able to accurately portray Kuwait? I can say the same about people who are working at the US Embassy (mithilin). If you don't get out there and meet people, share their stories and lives, how can you advise others?

I have heard so many people tell me about how afraid they are of Kuwait; how they shouldn't speak to Kuwaitis; how they shouldn't drive at night. As my Aunt Virginia (God rest her soul) used to say, "That's a bunch of hooey."

Anyways, help some people out and respond to their questions, okay?


Bloot said...

As with everything your side and the other side of the conundrum are both right.

I live in Kuwait and I find it fine and have some - a few Kuwaiti friends and some from my (Brit) community. I - male - have no problems at all and like the country and say that there is nothing to fear.

I think that ladies cannot go out unescorted at night which may clarify a point you make and travel at night and during the day is free from hazard - this is a safe place.

The standard of driving is bad - but look at the demographics - 30 % Kuwaiti, 50 % Indian subcontinent and the rest - not all are competent or safe drivers.

But that is the only safety issue. I'm sorry if some people are scared but I'd recommend it more than I would London - good post.

Desert Girl said...

I checked back on the expatexchange website and one Kuwaiti gentleman has very kindly offered to answer anyone's questions - by providing his e-mail address. That's great because it is exactly what people need: Make friends, not stereotypes.

Thanks, Bloot, for your comment. I appreciate it. I go out unescorted at night - no problem there at all, but I do get followed (which I LIKE most of the time unless they're butt-ugly). I think this is a pretty safe place too overall.