Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Once Upon a Time in Darkest Kheitan...

I went to Kheitan for only the second time in my life today. I had a minor fender bender and needed a police report (now THAT was fun – not). Bu Merdas went with me and took me to his cousin (a Major) who sent us to the investigator who wasn’t very nice.

Bu Merdas didn’t remember exactly how to get to the police station. We ended up driving through the section of Khaitan that is being completely demolished. (If there are any photographers out there who want to take pics of a surreal landscape, now is your big chance; it looks like a war zone on another planet.)

Does this story have a point? (Do any of my stories ever have a point?)

Maybe 8 months ago, I had a dream that was so real that I remember it in acute detail. At that time, I sent The Man an SMS telling him to be careful (about what – I dunno – but something sinister). My dream was definitely about the area I drove through today: In the dream I knew it was Kuwait, but it couldn’t have been because of the destruction/devastation (and not of Gulf War times). That area in Kheitan today is definitely the same place - which was so strange that it made me shiver. In the dream, I talked to some police men who were kind of standing around. I knew that they were bad guys (hey – similar to his worthless “friends” in real life, Bu Zega and Bu Khara) and that they didn’t have good intentions towards him (again, similar to his “friends”). I asked them where he was and they said that he had been taken away to be interrogated. They didn’t seem to care at all (again…) that he was probably being tortured. In the dream, I was desperately searching for him (crying the whole time) in that bad area and I was really really upset. There were a lot of police around and no one would help me. The sky was exactly as it was today (very dusty). In the dream, I thought it was smoke – that something was burning.

Do you ever just wonder, “What the phuck?” What does it all mean? Am I stepping out of some strange chapter of a Jude Deveraux time-travel romance novel? Could it be?

Maybe the interrogator villain is the evil She Devil.

The romance novels are usually that way: Something bad happens and the leading man has to clear his good name and get back in good standing with the leading lady. There are all kinds of twists and turns and heartbreaks… Ok, so life is different, but I’m just saying for the purpose of analyzing the dream/story.

I didn’t tell any of this to Bu Merdas because he gets jealous and he’s totally hot (just threw that out there) and happy just being next to me (even though he had to take time off work to go help me with stupid things in a really sucky area of Kuwait - getting his distasha dirty in the process) and I didn’t want to bust our mood. So there.

While I mentioned Bu Zega and Bu Khara, let me just say that if your friends are shit, you always have an opportunity to get new ones. You aren’t forced to stay with people who aren’t loyal to you; or who you question. You can find new friends – at ANY age – as long as you have a good personality and an open heart.

Which leads me (oh my God, do I go ON or what?) to a story about The Romanian... Once upon a time in a village next to the sea (Salmiya), Princess Romanian had a flat tire on her carriage (piece of shit car – might as well be a carriage). She called several “princes” who she believed she could trust when she was in distress; however they were shopping and doing stupid things and wouldn’t come to her rescue. So, there she was stuck, on the street when low and behold, a young Kuwaiti rode up and came to her aid. The tire needed to be replaced and she didn’t have money with her, so the young man paid for the tire and the tow truck – without saying a word.

Believe dat shit? It happened. There still are Prince Charmingseses out there!

So childrens, the morale of the story is this: Sometimes when you believe you can count on people in your life who are closest to you, they let you down. And sometimes when you least expect someone to help you, God sends you angels when you need it the most.

Now THAT’s the phuckin point!

The end.


Anonymous said...

Generally I'd use my wordpress openID thingie for blogspot..but oh well..ur rules are your own.

Anyway, Kheitan IS surreal! I've been wandering around in that area lately getting ideas about something.

Now did Princess Romanian live happily ever after in a trailer towed by the wrecker?

Desert Girl said...

Hiya Rashed,

What kind of ideas could you possibly get by wandering around that area? Really, I am thinking of going there with a camera because it is just so eerie.

Princess Romanian drove happily home on her new tire to her dog. Prince Charming was, alas, a mere child-prince.

Like I enjoy saying, 'Now run along and give your daddy my number.'

Anonymous said...

Exactly my thoughts, I wanted to take photos out there. It IS eerie, you should check it out around dusk..man it's like it's straight out of Dali's paintings.