Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sodom and Gamorrah?

I heard something that completely disgusted me. One of my “upper class” friends mentioned that he was making the circuit of election tents here in Kuwait. The candidates are trying to outdo each other on buffets to try to woo potential voters; bringing in better caterers from fancier/more expensive restaurants and hotels in a competition of opulence. (Refer to Al-Watan Daily story.) Some potential voters are going from candidate tent to tent eating as much as they can and vomiting in-between so they can eat more delicious food at each tent they visit.

What exactly is happening to Kuwait?

Go visit Hasawi or have a look at the people in Kuwait searching for food and valuables in dumpsters in any neighborhood! Shame!

I applaud those candidates who choose to be elected on their beliefs rather than once again bribing potential voters in one disgusting manner or another. If there are those out there who are equally as revolted by the distortion of good in Kuwait and make a conscious effort to stay away from these types of events, good for you! Stick to your guns and don’t let anyone tell you, “Go ahead, it’s ok.”

I’ve heard friends here say that Thank God – Kuwait has been blessed by God. Kheir. Well, did anyone stop to consider that perhaps it is a test from God of right vs. wrong?


Purgatory said...

and I thought I would find naked women in this post

Baroon said...

God bless you Desert girl

No one could say it better than this " did anyone stop to consider that perhaps it is a test from God of right vs. wrong?"

I wish more pepole consider that.

Desert Girl said...

Today I heard another story: "someone" paid off my friend's father's car loan (around 4,000 kd). The "someone" later showed up at his diwaniya with the paper to thank him for voting for him...

Another story I heard is that candidates are handing out money from the trunks of cars and making voters swear on the Quran that they won't vote for anyone else. I ask you: If someone is corrupt enough to accept a bribe for voting for someone; what makes anyone think that he has a religion?