Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Don't leave me, mommy!

My mom left last night and I made it all the way from the airport to my apartment without crying – and then just frick-in LOST it. I’m sure my neighbors could hear me sobbing right after I walked in the door. It was, alas, the feared Ugly Cry. I had so much fun with her and it was so nice to have someone else around for a while. Desert Dawg is depressed too – it is just not pretty at all.

At least my bitchy girlfriends won’t call me anymore and say, “I’m having sex. Ha ha. What are you doing tonight?” They probably weren’t, but they think they’re so funny. That’s fine. Payback is a bitch.

I used National Aviation Services’ Hala Services. For a small fee (around 20kd), they will greet your guest at the plane gate (with flowers if you want) and walk them through immigration/customs and all that nonsense. On departure, they will meet the traveler at the ticket counter and assist all the way up to the gate. Very cool if you have newcomers to Kuwait (or in my case, a mother who is freaked out by all the weirdness).

During my mom’s visit, I took her to the aquarium. I have been meaning to post about this and I just forgot. I haven’t been there in years. The “living desert” exhibit is awful. The poor animals are kept in small, dimly lit cages where people can tap on the glass and add to their distress. The exhibits actually smell from where you are viewing them outside of the glass. They had a desert cat (similar to a bobcat – don’t know the name), a couple of foxes, gerbils, bats, and snakes. The animals given the worst cage were the snakes; three large vipers in a tiny 1/5’ x 2’ glass box. There were 2 Saudi guys in front of us smoking and throwing trash. People had even thrown coins into one of the fish exhibits. I didn't see any security personnel at all. Pathetic, horrible and disgraceful. Yeah, and they bring all the visiting dignitaries to see it. At least as a source of national “pride”, the cages should be thoroughly cleaned. There are just too many animal atrocities in Kuwait and this one (like the national zoo) is a public and prime example.

Well, it is all back to work for me now (is it obvious?). While my mom was here, I managed to put together 2 deals which I am happy that I was able to accomplish. If one of them works out, it could mean big money for the company I work for. Inshallah.

My friend, Bu Merdas (his falcon’s name) just called me. He has The Sexiest Voice In The Whole World. He calls me “baby” and I love it: “Are you okay, baby?” He is an Arabic language teacher at an elementary school and once in a while he has his class say a group hello. He thought I needed it today. He also calls me every weekend and has his friend at the camp play the oud for me. Bu Merdas was studying to be a lawyer when his dad died and he had to come back to take care of his family. That’s how he became a teacher – not because he loves kids. In fact, he doesn’t want to get married because he is (in his words) “afraid of babies”. That shit just cracks me up. He is a big, strong guy and yet babies terrify him. He says he is afraid of hurting them. I told him that that is what maids are for. Tee hee (yeah, I’m too Kuwaiti). I love Bu Merdas. We met in 2003 at the car wash in Qadsiya and we have been good friends ever since. I don’t see him very often, but we call each other constantly (him, usually from the desert) and exchange lots of romantic words. It is kind of a long-distance love affair without the distance. I would marry him in a nanosecond if he asked. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted (except being terrified of small things). Well that, and I’m probably romanticizing something that wouldn’t work out (I do that).

I am, alas, a commitment-phobe. I can’t even commit to sofa colors or cars. I get buyer’s remorse and I get scared. I buy different color slipcovers for my furniture. I drive a rental car because I can’t decide what car I want, in what color. I have, in the past, lived out of suitcases for long periods of time. I am good at committing to jobs, but even then I sometimes get nervous and wonder if I’ve taken the right one. My life is complex.

Is anyone out there watching my new favorite show, Dirty Sexy Money? I love that series! Last week, one of the characters divorced her husband at her wedding reception! I’m not saying that would be me, but it could be me….


Carly said...

Hey DG,
I can empathize with you on the mother leaving thing. For me, it was so poignant when I had to step back into the space they occupied and the air seemed to still hold their essence. But then I have been in the 'everybody is leaving KW' funk for a couple of days now...:( It is hard to live in a transient kind of place.
Best wishes!

david santos said...

Great post. I love it!
Have a nice day.

Jewaira said...

Hmmm Bu Merdas is a new one...sounds interesting

Desert Girl said...

Hi Carly, haven't heard from you in a while. Hope you are doing well. I come from DC - which is very transient (in several ways!). I'm kind of used to it here with Western friends. In Washington, it was my Arab friends.

Thanks DS! You have a nice day too.

Jewaira - Bu Merdas has been around for a while, but we have a very strange love relationship (even my friends think so). If I'm complex, then he is way complexer (I know that's not a word, but it sounded good in my head!)

Jacqui said...

I'm sorry to hear that your mom left. I am addicted to Dirty Sexy Money, I don't know what it is about Brian the Priest that gets to me everytime, he's what I want in a man and more :P Mean, Rude, but deep down inside a huggable teddy bear :P

Who's your favorite character :P

Desert Girl said...

Jacqui - My favorite character is Patrick's mistress, Carmelita. Is she a man in real life? I can't tell. Fascinating! LOL

Desert Girl said...

I just did a search and Carmelita was actually a dude. It is the first prime time role for a transgender actor. Huh. Interesting. Her name was formerly Brian McDaniel and it is now Candis Cayne. You go, girl! :)


Double Dragon said...

Commitement issues, buyer's remorse, second thoughts about jobs you actually love?

Am I looking into a mirror here?