Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pests and more!

This frickin cracks me up. I usually have to go out of my way to look for stuff like this, but this one landed on my door. Thank God (Mashallah, mashallah), we have never had a bee-robelem (problem) with “zahyawi”or “braiaasi” or anything like that!

Just so ya know: These guys are using transliteration for roaches and gecko lizards.

I also want to know – what the F is “original dough”? What is a “gurantee”? Strengest German and English insecticides (do they have more bugs there than anywhere else?)!

That was my giggle this morning.

I had a rather un-eventful weekend: saw Bu Merdas, met some new friends…. Shopped.

Why the F doesn’t Zara ever stock XL? They have everything in the world in a medium, but nothing for girls with BOOBS. Jeez. Are the women here in Kuwait in denial or what? I know for a fact that these girls are not mediums. Zara has such cute stuff, but they suck in the never-have-your-size department. I hate that.

Oh, we ate at the Macaroni Grill at the Avenues. Yummy. They have Mac Grill in Virginia, but I haven’t been there very often. The coolest thing about them is that you can ask for crayons and draw on the paper table covering. I’m frickin Picasso… just ask anyone. I ended up drawing a giant bottle of Jose Cuervo with the slogan “I (heart) tequila!” The Romanian already knows I’m mental, but stuff like this just confirms it to her.


Big Pearls said...

craving mac grill;)

Amaroq said...

One of my thrills here is reading the signs, posters and flyers that litter Kuwait from end to end with misspelled words and odd sentences in English. Everyone of them make me laugh and make me wonder who proof read them? Oh, well better that they not proof read them.
Was at Mac Grill on the 30th of April, yummy!