Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Icicles to Ice

I had THE coolest dream last night. I often dream of moving into houses – and they are usually very cool houses with interesting angles and architecture. I loved last night’s house. It was on the beach – I mean, part of the house was built ON the beach and my bedroom was partially solid (where the bed was) and the other half was glass – actually IN the ocean. The floor, walls, and ceiling were glass, so that turquoise water was all around me. It was amazing. Desert Dawg was with me and my mother and sister were somewhere in the background (they are always there too when I move into a new house in my dreams). I was sitting on my bed – everything was white – and watching the waves in front of me crashing into my glass wall. I loved the dream. I felt so content. Supposedly, dreaming of moving into new homes signifies changes in your life. Apparently, I have had a lot of changes because I often move monthly.

My dream world is so much more interesting than my awake world. How pathetic.

The Romanian has suggested that I see a shrink while I’m in the States to help me cope with getting over The Man – as I haven’t 100% yet. (Also known as “we are still very sick of hearing about him.) That is kind of the pot calling the kettle wacked. LOL. I know it takes time and all that BS, but I’m not like this. This isn’t me. I move on; I forget. I am also an innately forgiving person. I can’t move on; I can’t forget; and I can’t forgive. I know that it is eating up my insides. I keep asking myself how the wonderful man I knew was replaced by this mean, insensitive, uncaring creature who makes me feel like only a shell of a human is left of myself. I’m not this way. Why do I feel like this? I don’t believe in shrinks – not even when the worst of the worst stuff has happened in my life. I am sure that this too will pass.

Maybe because it is close to Christmas and last year at this time, I was full of high hopes and happiness and thinking that we were getting married. At a restaurant we used to frequent, they had icicle lights (strands of little white lights that looked like icicles). The Man and I both loved them and talked about decorating with them at our wedding reception. For Christmas, he gave me a necklace and earring set that made me cry – they were icicles. It was a beautiful and incredibly thoughtful surprise. How could that man have changed so much? What kind of evil spell was cast to do this?

My horoscope this month in Bazaar Magazine said something profound. I don’t think the editor knows me THAT well, but it read something like, “You were abandoned by a parent early in life. You make up for your subliminal feelings of inadequacy by being overly giving.” Holy crap, Batman. That could be it. But wait… I am so bitchy and mean… God, I’m schizophrenic. Maybe I should see that shrink.

I know I should forgive The Man and turn everything I feel into pity and just walk away, but – as they say in Kuwait, “fee dooda.” The majority of my time is spent in mental clarity, but I will suddenly revert and slip right back into “that place” and I am really trying not to be so down.

One more week and I’m back with my family.


Tiger said...
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Tiger said...

EDIT: The previous comment "story" was true but it was stupid to mention it but i will re-post the last sentence.

It breaks my heart reading this and thinking at the same time that the person i love is going through alot because of me, maybe the man and me are idiots, maybe you guys are, but this must end and i have no idea how to end it.

Desert Girl said...

Tiger - I left a comment on your blog because I don't have your e-mail. I read your original comment and it was very clear and insightful. You are either incredibly intuitive, or you have been through this before. Thank you.

Tiger said...

you welcome, you already have my email , its thebojan@gmail.com.

Desert Girl said...

oooooooooooooooooooohhhh! Thanks!

Purgatory said...

You will never get married, so just live your life and enjoy it, do not look or wait for The Man of Mr. Big or whatever you want to call him.

Besides that, go home, and stuff yourself :)

Desert Girl said...

Thanks, Purg, for that extra little POSITIVE MORALE SUPPORT that I needed.

I sent The Creature (formerly known as The Man) the picture that is on this post by MMS. His reply was, "What is that?" and "I don't remember." I sent him one that said, "Who ARE you and where have you buried the real guy?????????????????????????"