Sunday, November 12, 2017

Plastic Recycling Plant opens in Kuwait - Drop Boxes Popping up Everywhere!

Below is a repost from Ladies Who Do Lunch In Kuwait's blog.  She's very positive in her posts, so I'm hijacking them because I've been in such a negative posting slump lately.

I've heard of a few recycle programmes but then they seemed to fizzle out but Omniya have now opened a large purpose-built facility in Jahra to handle recycling all those water bottles that I feel so guilty throwing away. Bravo! Look out for one of their 2,500 collection boxes spread out over the city.

This one is in Al Shaheed Park in the Habitat Museum building.

--- end ---

I saw one of these bins outside Mishref Co-op this weekend and didn't know what it was.  Now I do and I'll bring any plastic water bottles to the bin.  I don't really use them unless I'm driving somewhere, but people in my neighborhood have "donated" by throwing them out of their car windows in our parking lot, so I can go pick them up.

FINALLY a solid recycling program! Next on the wish list:  tire recycling plant....


LWDLIK said...

Be my guest. Thanks for sharing.

tom said...

I can see it now, the boxes get full and nothing happens after that.