Monday, November 13, 2017

Earthquake in Iran/Iraq felt in Kuwait

I was in bed, all cozy and warm.  My bed started shaking and moving around the floor.  My immediate thought was, 'that damn dog is stuck under the bed!'  I got up to look and he wasn't there.  So my next thought was a scene from The Exorcist and I was pretty sure I had a demon (djinni) in my room.  That's when I noticed my chandeliers swinging back and forth.  Cool.

My dog was still sleeping in the hallway.  He's a drama queen and if there is anything even slightly wrong (ESPECIALLY when I'm sleeping which is when he is in guard mode/high alert), everyone in the neighborhood will know about it.  So, I figured all was good and went back to sleep.

My dear friend and colleague called a minute later to ask if I was ok.  What a dear person. I really love this guy.  He's just one of the kindest people I know, wrapped up in a tough guy persona (because he has to be in his job).  That was so nice.

A friend's daughter just had an operation yesterday at a hospital and they asked her to walk down 15 flights of stairs.  There have also been numerous pictures of half-neked people on the streets, staring up at buildings.  Yeah, that's not me.  I wouldn't have walked down 15 flights either.  They can KMA.  I would have locked myself in the bathroom.  Don't care.  Not gonna happen. 

I did that when they had a fire DRILL at KIPCO tower (a DRILL that they notified us of like 3 weeks in advance).  We worked on the 30th floor and they wanted us to walk downstairs.  I thought it would be a short drill so I hid in the ladies room .... for 2 hours..  I had my phone.  I called people.  I chatted.  It took them about an hour to get everyone upstairs in the elevators.  Dumbest drill I've ever seen.  Forget that.  And I saw zero cute firemen.  What's the point?

Anyways, I live on the 2nd floor now so I just threw my passport in my handbag, put it next to my bed and had a dog leash and collar handy.  Went back to sleep.

This is the 3rd earthquake I've experienced in Kuwait (yawn).  The first one was in 1998 I think.  I saw things shaking and swaying in my apartment.  That was cool.  The second one was no big deal; kind of like a big truck driving by.  This one last night was the biggest yet.

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