Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Animal Rescue Resources and Shelters Kuwait

So after a rather shitty morning, I was on my way to the office when I stopped at the light at the end of  highway 50 (I'm American - we go by numbers).  I was about 4 cars back and saw something flapping around on the road.  It was a kitten that had been hit.  People in surrounding cars were just staring at it, dying a slow, frightening and painful death.  No one made a move.

This is why I'm really really really starting to hate humans.

I put my flashers on, got out, ran to the kitten and brought her back to my car.  Little boo shuddered and died in my arms.  I stopped and said a small prayer for her and cried.

I talk to the animal rescuers in Kuwait and most of them are women and most of them are physically sick.  It's because of the stress they endure day in and day out by seeing animals in pain and many intentionally tortured.  These ladies never have enough money.  They don't go on vacation.  They don't buy stupid, useless crap like designer purses or expensive cars.  All they have goes to the animals.

Most of the rescuers use Instagram to broadcast immediately to the public if animals are found or lost or hurt (so they can beg for donations and help).

Sometimes, I just can't look at the pictures.  It hurts my SOUL.  Like Paul;  terribly traumatized and the only survivor of 3 dogs which were buried alive up to their necks and left to die in the open desert.  Or this week, the dog with a heavy chain embedded in his neck, locked on with a padlock.  Or the countless number of dogs and cats that have been shot and are paralyzed and dragging their hind legs on the street.

The horror is immense.  And I'm so sick of some saying, "That doesn't happen in Kuwait."  YES IT DOES.  That and worse.

If you can donate to these wonderful people help the animals, please do. Don't assume that other people are already doing it.  Many times, they don't receive any donations at all for lengths of time.  Money is always great, but if you can supply items like the following, it is a step in the right direction:

Cat/Dog Food
Cleaning products
Pet toys (new or used)
Leashes, collars, pet carriers (new or used)

Here is a list of animal rescuers and/or shelters.   

Note that KSPATH is formally closed.

Instagram accounts with contacts:

Enlarge to view.  Please forward.

If you can't donate, volunteer.  Get your kids involved and volunteering.  It is a great opportunity to teach compassion and the dignity of life.

If someone you know finds a sick or injured animals, tell them to contact one of these groups!!!  Don't leave the animal out there to suffer alone.


AG said...

Such a wonderful and desperately needed post. Some people in America have asked why we choose to rescue from the GCC when there are so many needy animals here and I explain the lack of funding and resources there. We have government funded shelters in almost every city in every state here. Over there, it's not uncommon for an entire country to get ZERO financial support from the government.

I would also like to mention that if a parent sees their child abusing or mistreating an animal this is NOT 'misbehaving' or 'child's play', this is a SERIOUS issue that should be immediately dealt with. Animal abusers are known to grow up and graduate to more violent crimes. Children should be taught empathy, sympathy, and kindness.

William Grow III said...

Hi, I hope Desert Girl doesn't mind the shameless plug, but I've met with KareQ8 at the Pet Zone near Ace off the 4th ring road. They're a loose knit group of foster homes for animals and they hold adoption days on Friday from about 1-5pm.

If you wanted to help but weren't in a position to adopt I sometimes pay a couple dinar to the Kare Q8 bill when I'm at the IVH (international vet hospital) with my pets for their appointments. I also once brought three cats with me to a rescue shelter back in the states. The process is simple, they do all the paperwork and pay the fees, you just have to be willing to travel with a cat and meet someone at the destination.

They're in instagram if you wanted to follow.

(Also: Hi Desert Girl! My wife, kids, three dogs, two (now three) cats, and I made the move to Kuwait. Thanks for all your advice and help before the move!)

Gine Oquendo said...

It makes me sad about this post. Hows the kitten now? I hope the animal rescue association will do something about this, In orange county animal shelter here in California there's a lot of cases like that, it is very traumatized and It's painful to see that condition.