Thursday, November 02, 2017

Kuwait's Foreign Resident Sword of Damocles: Deport, Deport, Deport!

Constant threat to foreign residents for deportation. The Kuwait version of the Sword of Damocles!

Every week for I can't remember how long, there have been new proposals and laws issued to deport foreign residents.  This week: more than 5 (minor)  traffic violations and you're deported.  Please - tell me what other country in the world deports you for traffic violations?  If the US or UK mandated this law, there would be no more Kuwaitis left in those countries. 

We should all change our salutation from, "How are you?" to "Deported yet?" 

Here is my take: 

Who leaves Kuwait first? It isn't the poor who probably either have their passports "held" (illegally,  I might add) by their sponsors or who just can't afford a ticket (or otherwise) to go home. So, we are looking at educated, high-paid professionals who are probably adding to the economy of the country in many ways; and adding to the future of Kuwait in other ways. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, Kuwait! Droves of professional Westerners are leaving Kuwait these days - people who have called Kuwait HOME for years. Almost all of my Western friends (professionals) have either left or are planning to leave Kuwait within the next year.

No one is looking into the economic impact of this mass exodus. MPs are just spouting hatred and "deport" to gain support for their own personal agendas/monetary gain. The true LEADERship of Kuwait should put an end to this nonsense.  Enough!


xmido said...

Deportation if I sneeze in the direction of a Kuwaiti next. Or maybe give a funny look.

K3 said...

Yep - Lived there 10 years and left a lovely life in terms of physical comforts cos was just tired and dismayed at the level of expat bashing and negative vibe. Nobody should love money so much that they lose all personal values and respect for their own national identity.
A sick mindset in the modern world, but which Kuwaiti wants even a Dubai like environment ? Perhaps Saudi Arabia might overtake from the dark. Its all about leaders send the right values and message as to the morality bank of the nation.

K3 said...

We left last year after spending 10 years ....and this was among the top reasons. If an expat is so blinded by creature comforts and money that you are willing to quash your identify and be insulted in the media every other day , then you are exactly the kind that should continue live there. Its not just removing the threats of being deported, but building the entire morality of the nation to condone discrimination that needs to adapt to the times.