Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What is the worst parking garage in Kuwait?

I ponder this question every morning now that we've moved into a new office building where the parking structure is one of the  most poorly-designed that I've ever seen.

Not to sound negative (but I will, Sorry American Girl in Kuwait), but there are two words that are almost non-existent in the local dialect:  Planning and maintenance.  (That's a joke, of course, but you really have to question engineers' understanding of either term.)  It applies to my top choices of Garages O'Horror below. #1 and #2 are probably some of the oldest garages in Kuwait.

Parking Garage O'Horrors #1:  Souq Al-Kabeer

My two sexy aluminum rear wheel rims (200 KD/ea)  have been shredded going around the corners and they've installed some kind of bumper car restraints around the entrances to elevator lobbies - which are too low to see when you are driving. Torn it uuuup.  Not to mention, they have installed their own speed humps (those horrible, high kind) every 20' or so.  You have to drive the entire length of Souq Al-Kabeer to get down to the next level. (On off-hours, I reverse so I don't do as much speed bump damage to my car).

To get into and out of the house of horrors, you need to drive up a twisting ramp at angles no car should have to traverse; other than (again) bumper cars at an amusement park or some kind of go-cart race.  The walls of the ramp are equipped with (shityounot) rubber side bumpers; and they're NECESSARY.

Perhaps the best suited vehicle for this parking lot would be a Wrangler with heavy duty tires and a lift kit.

The inbound second ticket gate  is always broken.  So, instead of placing a cone there so people in cars would know, the attendants watch as people get stuck and have to back out and re-enter the other lane.  (I actually giggle sometimes because some of the idiots who have raced around me trying to get one over - and there are many in the morning at this garage - have thought that they'll be faster getting into that lane and they get stuck. ha ha ha ha ha - IN YOUR FACE!)

and ok, ok, ok... Dudes, if you are going to charge KD 1.000 per day for parking (more than I was paying at the lovely KIPCO Tower), then you can afford to make some changes!  I say!

Parking Garage O'Horrors #2:  Souq Al-Kuwait

This garage is very similar to Souq Al-Kabeer.  If you ever have the opportunity to see the ugly under-side of the ramp, you can see that it is deteriorating fast (the mall is scheduled for renovations).  Last time I walked around Souq Al-Kuwait and saw the crackled underbelly of the beast, it was approximately 3 years ago.  At that time, large chunks of concrete were dropping off.  I have refused to park there since.  I have visions of my car dropping 2 stories down.  My Kuwaiti car insurance doesn't cover that.  My private Kuwaiti medical insurance doesn't even cover asprin....

It could be that the same "engineer" designed both ramps.  They both have rubber baby buggy bumpers (rubber side bumpers).  They both have those scary speed bumps (that's 'murican for "humps" in Briddish); the kind that seemingly could break an axle.   In both Garage #1 and 2, you have to do a "grand tour" to be able to get in or out.

Oh!  And if you are "too slow" by any idiot's standards (or lack thereof), they have no problem blasting their horn at you.  Niiiiiice.  Thank you.  (My best F you smile.... NO!  I didn't mean it as a come-on, you moron!).

Dishonorable Mention:  Avenues

I like all the garages at The Havenues (very well designed, well-lit, well patrolled (but they could use sniffer dogs if they are going to pretend that they are doing security by installing x-ray machines at only a few of the entrance points).  However, ingress/egress (in/out) to the garages is awful.  They should offer shuttle bus service to get there from remote locations instead of putting people through the cattle shoots (entrance roads) to get there.  I shop to relax.  Getting there is NOT relaxing.

Enough Turns to Make You Dizzy:  Araya and Safat Home

I dunno 'bout you, but I don't like those circular ramps in parking garages.  I have a low car and it makes me even more dizzy not being about to see over the hood.  It freaks me out.  Both Araya Center and Safat Home in Rai have these.  The parking garages are ok, but those ramps.... I shudder.  If I wasn't driving, I would shut my eyes to drive up those ramps... just sayin.

Of Mention:  Souq Al-Maseel

I only mention Souq Maseel for one reason:  The sign that says, "Firest Basement" (in front of the elevator) that hasn't been corrected in the 20-plus years that I've lived here.  The garage itself isn't so bad.  Maybe a little dark if you are like me (worried about pervs and lurkers in dark garages).  Other than that - no issues.

OK - so.... Which parking garages in Kuwait do you hate the most? Send me your comments.

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AG said...

There's a huge difference between being negative and venting :) You're venting about a common issue in Kuwait. <3