Thursday, February 16, 2017

Better than what?

Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara is sold a Sephora in the US.  The name has been changed to fit local mores to, "Better Than Love."  There is no sex in Kuwait.  Personally, I think the local version should be, "Better Than Majboos."

I also went to buy a friend cologne from Abercrombie & Fitch.  There is no half-neked man anywhere:  Not on shopping bags nor on any of the Fierce cologne products.  Not that I liked him so much, but now I miss him.


Unknown said...

but lets face it, there its NOT better than majbos, if it was then they would've wrote that XD. maybe it is really better than sex or better but love but definitely not better than majbos, even from a girl's point of view.

Unknown said...

it's a great mascara tho, i got it from Sephora Vegas during my last trip there, and it's the bomb!