Monday, February 06, 2017

Mirror, Mirror Salon 2nd Anniversary

I've posted about Mirror Mirror salon before and I'm gonna do it again....

They are such nice people!  I go in there, they feed me.  They bring me coffee and those little Japanese cracker thingies in a bowl.  And the other day, it was owner, Wendy Al-Omani's 29th (I'm guessing) birthday and they had 2 kinds of cake and a box of cupcakes. All the staff and customers sang her the happy birthday song (in English and in Arabic AND with the "cha cha cha's" in between).  The first day of my supposed "diet" was put off.

We gossip.  I listen to other people's conversations (which, being my mother's child, I inevitably drop in on).  I laugh and get my hair done and have a great time.  I don't make any appointments following so I can just relax and recharge. And when I walk out of there, I always feel like I've made new friends and I'm just up and happy.

So, thank you, wonderful ladies of Mirror Mirror, for all the great hair days and shiny toe days and for lifting my spirits.  I just really like you all a lot and I wish you decades more of success.  You're good people!  God bless and good luck.

Happy second anniversary!

Phone 66338666
Located in Jabriya across from Royal Hyatt Hospital, in the building between Organica and The Burger Co.

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