Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sieger German Shepherd Show a GREAT Success!

This weekend, the kennel I work with, Ghalya's Hunderparadise, participated in the Sieger German Shepherd Show in Mishref.  Sieger means "champion" in German, so it was a German Shepherd Championship.  Sometimes things get lost in translation and I actually had to look it up - even though I've been promoting it for several months!

The show was organized by the Kuwait K9 Association (KK9A).  They usually hold dog shows/gatherings every Friday afternoon in Kabd in front of the police station. All of their events are free to the public.

They were very concerned about finding an appropriate venue, as most hotels and venues don't want to rent to people for anything dog-related.  The Mishref Football Club (located next to Burger King and across from Yarmouk Sports Club) provided the perfect location for both the dog events, and the spectators (as well as placement of vendor booths).  The weather was amazing both days and it couldn't have been better.
Please see KK9A's Instagram Account or Website for Full Photos

It was a 2-day event.  The first day was beauty and obedience (for show lines) and the second day was for obedience and attack (for work lines).

Patron of the show was HE Karlfried Bergner, German Ambassador to Kuwait, who enjoyed the show so much that he stayed both days! German judges, Hungarian professional handlers, and some of the best trainers in the GCC worked to make this an outstanding event.  Several of the kennel owners brought their dogs from the UAE to participate.

I stayed through to the end of the award ceremony and felt like I was attending a family reunion.  Everyone congratulated each other and were happy for their collective successes.  I'm proud to say that my "home" kennel, Ghalya's Hunderparadise, took home two first-place trophies.  I don't think any of us wanted to go home.  Everyone was singing and cheering for each other.  I can't remember when I've been part of such a warm reception!

I've got to add one thing:  I sincerely believe that the dogs who won first place performed out of love. They were the ones trained with compassion and whose owners truly care for them as family members and not commodities.  Mabrook to everyone!

Vendors included BMW, Breadz, Bruno The Shepherd, Crate a Dog House, Pet Pro German, Champ Dogfood, 360 Dogfood, Sloans, Ghalya's Hunderparadise and more. Catering for VIPs by Safir.

KK9A Championship was under the sponsorship of:
Public Authority of Sport
German Embassy in Kuwait
Lufthansa Airlines
Al Hamra Tower
Champ Dog Food
TriStar Motorcycles Establishment
German Business Council
International Optics

Event Hosts (Instagram):

Coordination Team: (Instagram):
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