Monday, February 06, 2017

Noblesse Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

I just want to show you how things work in Kuwait:  Small connections.  You could be talking to someone who knows someone and then you later find out that you know that someone's someone. Amazing!  Little connections.  Kuwait is a small town.

Here is how I came to know about Noblesse Clinic:

(You might have to zoom in on this.)

Here's what it says, right on their brochure, "Who says you're not a queen?  We don't."  Of COURSE you don't, honey!  You know quality when you see it.

Now, what I'm posting about is for the upper end, but the clinic also tightens your hoo-hoo also, for those of you who are into that.

I'm going for Jeuvaderm and botox.  Then they soft-sold me into getting hydra something or other using RF something radio waves followed by something else that tightens your face.  I said I would try.  Why not?

Now look, I have seen some really scary stuff walking around Kuwait that make, "Botched" look like a fairy tale:  over-done lips, angry bird eyebrows, skin stretched so tight that you can't tell if she's smiling or just staring at you.  It's messed up.  And I'm not talking about on women in their 40's or 50's - I'm talking about women that are in their 20's. I really wanted to check out who I go to first.  So it makes me much more confident that I met with Karina, Dr. Verginia and the staff at Noblesse so they could tell me what would happen and what types of products they would use.

I like the atmosphere.  All the staff is happy (good sign) as well as patients going in and out.  They only work on women, so that is a plus for me too. The decor is kind of a light burgundy color and white (similar to Dr. Verginia's GYN clinic at Mowasat Hospital). It's tranquil. Me likes.

Noblesse is located in Maidan Hawalli right on the circle on Cairo Street (behind Shaab park and the new cultural center).  Their numbers are 66483088 or 60695999.

I will write more about them after my treatments.

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