Sunday, January 11, 2015

Watch your dog!

There are a LOT of dogs missing right now throughout Kuwait.  Please be careful not to leave your pets unattended - even in the garden of your home (if people are able to see them from the street). Don't leave your dog tied up somewhere or in your car.

During the winter season in Kuwait, it is fashionable/fun for people to have dogs because they don't have to keep them inside and can take them to farms and camps.  So, they steal them without thinking about the feelings of the owners.  When the novelty wears off - around the end of camping season when the hot weather kicks in - the dogs are dumped anywhere.

If your dog is lost or stolen, even having a microchip isn't going to help you find him/her.  Microchips aren't GPS devices (yet - there is still hope!).  Thieves sometimes sell the dogs at the Friday Market or online (like on Instagram or the 4 Sale app.  See LINK.) And God forbid - it is stolen to use as bait for dog fighting.  (I would have to go to jail if someone did that to my dog.  I wouldn't end it with the thief either... just sayin.... I would become Rambo of the dog-owners world.)    It is scary.

There are groups in Kuwait working to help reunite pets and owners.  Help_the_animal on Instagram, Lost dogs in Kuwait! on Facebook.

Treat your dog like your child and don't let him/her out of your sight.

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