Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Stop buying animals at the Friday Market!!!

Really - when will people learn?

Arab Times
28 January 2015

Cheated - Sold Sick Parrots

Three weeks ago I purchased an Amazon Parrot for KD 150 from the Shuwaikh pet market. The shop did not give me any receipt for the deal. When I asked for the same I was told there was no such practice for any of their businesses.

I later found out that I had been sold a sick parrot. I also -at the time of purchasing the parrot -- had also seen two other birds already dead in the shop. But I was told that these deaths were due to travel as the birds had been received only the previous evening from another country.
After five days, it was confirmed that my bird was also sick and I went back to the shop, asking for the bird to be replaced.

My request was rejected and after about two weeks the bird died. I later found out that the shop from where I bought the bird had purchased many such birds and on knowing these were sick had sold them for less than KD 80 each.

Can you advice me where I can file a complaint as I affected by the death of the bird. Moreover, I want these bird owners to be careful in the future and don't sell sick birds to anyone.

Name withheld

Answer: Unfortunately, there is not much you can do for the birds, and even the animals, at the Friday Market or even to take action against the sellers of these birds.

The reason for this is that although there is legislation in place against such “crimes”, the laws in this regard have never been implemented properly with the result that there is total disregard for rights of birds and animals all over the country.

Some animal rights campaigners and organizations have been working on the issue for decades but have failed to so far do much, except in very rare cases where action is taken against some individuals.

On the issue of being sold a sick bird, you could contact the Kuwait Municipality or the Consumer Protection Society in your area although it is very unlikely that anything will be done because you have no proof of purchase. These people never give you a bill of sale and deny ever having sold you an animal or bird if you file a complaint against any of the shops.


Want to buy a pet in Kuwait?  Do your research first.  Find out where the reputable shops are, where vets are, what food to buy, what species to buy.  

When you buy at The Friday Market, you are adding to a horrible problem in Kuwait.  Many of the animals are sick, stolen, or have illegally entered the country.  


UnSuperMom said...

What I don't understand is all these people claiming to be Muslims when they are lacking basic understandings of their religion. Do they not know about "Al rifq bil haywan" being nice to animals and treating them well. Everything will come back to them!

Growing up my mother never allowed us to have pets, she said that we were unable to take care of them in the correct way, we would be excited for a week or two then we would forget about them and letting the nannys do all the work. Now I know she was half correct, I am in no position to take care of animals, I really do not like animals, my brother on the other hand is much better than me. He got a cat in college and I think he loved the cat more than us lol.
Pets are not accessories, they are like your babies but they cannot speak!

Desert Girl said...

Well said, UnSuperMom. Parents have to understand that realistically, it isn't the child that is going to take care of the pet. The parents will. Why? Because children are not responsible enough. What pets TEACH children is responsibility; but like everything to a child, the process is a learning curve and takes time.

I think a whole lot of couples here wouldn't be so quick to rush into having babies if they understood the amount of responsibility that raising a child takes. Same thing with puppies. You have to be on the alert for feedings, cleaning up bathroom messes, training, etc. Also teaches compassion and kindness to a helpless creature under their care. It is all learning to be a responsible adult.

I wish more parents would get their children pets at an early age.

Maybe you don't like animals because you were never properly introduced to them as a child (?) I can't understand people who say they don't like animals. We all share the Earth. We are all one. Not liking animals is so far from my consciousness that I can't even pretend to comprehend it. There is so much beauty and mystery in the animal world that it fascinates me - DAILY.

This isn't directed at you, UnSuperMom, but I guess one way to look at it is that yes - you learn from your parents. You can't expect people to be kind to animals when all they've learned from their parents is that they are dirty and should be kicked out or mistreated. It is a cycle that repeats itself (much like domestic worker abuse). People seem to pick and choose what parts of religion that they want to use.

Long before there was ever organized religion, people paid much more devotion to the Earth and all its living creatures.

UnSuperMom said...

Okay I'm sorry maybe I didn't word it right, I love animals in their natural habitat, and I love dogs I think they are great as long as I do not have to take care of them. My biggest issue is also the attachment issue you get with animals, when my brothers cat died it was horrible for everyone because we had gotten so used to it around the house. I know its the same with humans, but I don't know how to really explain my self.

Desert Girl said...

Gotcha, UnSuperMom.

The attachment issue is a big one for a lot of people. I have friends who said they would never own a pet again after a favorite pet died, but... life goes on.

When I was 10 and my dog died, I spent about a week in bed. But... ya know... it helps you deal with death. It helps kids deal with death and realizing that it is all part of life. I got another puppy within a week or so and my mind was full of taking care of him. 2 years later, when a good friend in school died, the death of my dog actually helped me deal with it better.

And the care issue is there: puppies require almost about as much care as human babies (without the diaper changes). You still end up waking up in the middle of the night when they cry or are hungry. You have to make sure that they are receiving the right medical care and nutrition. They are still very demanding of your time.

William Alphonso said...

I never had that problem of buying birds that were sick for one reason. I would not buy a bird just like that. First, I would read a lot about the type of bird that I intend buying. Then, upon visiting the pet store or market, I would look at that particular type of bird in its eye, movements and physical appearance. If a bird is healthy, it usually stands on one leg often and has its feathers are not ruffled up. It is active and does not often close its eyes or sits with its head tucked in. For details, I suggest you to read the following link:

William Alphonso said...

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