Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Open letter to my haters

I'm going to stop allowing anonymous posts for a while and I have been strictly monitoring comments because some douchebag hater has nothing better to do than spend his/her time writing stupid remarks.

I guess they have fewer bloggers to hate on since Expat left blogsphere.  I recommend you go over to the haters blog where you can write as many comments as you want - AND have them equally negatively commented back on.  That is just a free-for-all over there.

I'm not into it.

Seriously, don't you have anything better to do?  Start your own blog.  Come up with your own creative ideas.  Bash people on your blog.

Love you.  Therapy helps.  Go talk to someone.

1 comment:

gmail said...

Well done, I've always asked myself what's in for you to keep up with these douche bags and I refrained from commenting because of them.

For what its worth, your blog was one of the few that gave me a lot of info about how is to live here and finally made my mind to come here (Only been here for 4 months) plus it shows how nice and sweet person you're.

Keep it up and keep the comments section like this, if anyone needs to say something then at least be brave enough to say it out loud with his/her own voice not an anonymous one.

Best of luck!! I am off to watch the Airshow from port cafe in Souq Sharq, let's hope these dude have some good stunts for us to watch.