Sunday, January 04, 2015

I knew it was going to be fun

I briefly lived in DC with a friend who is from Eastern Kentucky. (The state of fast women and beautiful horses - or is it the other way around?)   She's got the Southern-girl accent going on.  She's a former pageant girl and worked briefly for a top modelling agency in New York.  When we were living together, we got in a whole lot of trouble .... I  mean fun.

LG (Lexington Girl) introduced me to the marvels of The Wonder Bra.  I had no idea.  She's also given me beauty tips along the way on posture and even how to walk.

The Wonder Bra is actually how KG was able to introduce my other room mate to her husband.  LG was sitting on our balcony wearing one (pine green lace if I recall correctly) when he walked out onto his in the adjacent wing of our apartment building for the 100th time and she invited him over.  The rest is history.

LG, our friends and I did things like renting limos on the weekends or going to Atlantic City.  We went to nightclubs constantly and barely remembered the names of all the people we met.  We laughed - a LOT.  Good times.

So, you know how things go, eventually we both moved on.  She moved back to Kentucky from DC and I moved to Kuwait a few years later.  We kept in touch (and with some of our mutual friends) and I repeatedly invited her to Kuwait; never really believing that she would come.  Right down to departure time at the airport in the States - I still didn't believe she was going to make it.  But she did and we only had a short time to talk before the plane took off.  I hadn't seen her since before I moved to Kuwait (and I'm not listing years as it will immediately age me).   She hadn't changed much; still beautiful, but with longer hair.  She had married and has a son now.

I haven't let her rest much since we arrived on Thursday.  After landing, we showered and went to Kabd.  The next day lunch and to a party. (My friends kept making her repeat everything she said.  At first, she thought they couldn't understand her, but then caught on that they just love the way she talks!)  The day after that, down to DesertGuy's camp where she saw her first camels.

On the way home, I made a stop at my favorite sheesh tawook sandwich restaurant; a total dive place in Zor.  It looks awful (and probably isn't the cleanest), but the best sandwich ever.  She kind of gave me a look like I was crazy, but ate her sandwich anyways.

When we got home, I had to go to the airport to pick up The Romanian, so LG stayed at home and had some tea.  I didn't give it a second thought; my house is full of about a million different types of tea (people tend to give it to me and I don't even drink tea that much).

LG was up most of the night and I thought it was just her throat bothering her (cold weather in Kabd and the desert will sneak up on you).  When I woke up in the morning, I realized why she was really up:  She picked the one box of tea that was not designed for her end of the problem.   Royal Tea; or what we affectionately call, "poop tea" will clear you out in one tiny bag.  LG had 2.  Poop tea brands itself as "dieters tea" and if  you are into that kind of diet - then yes, it is.

When I told LG about it, she said she was up all night cussing the guys who made those sandwiches.  She was sure that she got food poisoning from that dive I took her to.  Oh shit, she made me laugh!

So far, it has been a really fun and interesting visit.

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