Sunday, November 09, 2014

Tours of Kuwait

See Kuwait through the eyes of Kuwaitis...

Back in 2011, I first posted (HERE and HERE) about my friends at Morqab Tours.  They do guided tours of Kuwait and accept requests for "off the beaten path" types of adventures (like searching for filming locations, etc.).  They are very flexible and have reasonable prices.

They just invited me to their farm this weekend to thank me for all the referrals that have been made through this blog over the past few years.   They’re such kind, decent people and I am so happy to promote their business – especially since everyone I have ever met who have taken their tours (including my visiting mother, my friends' visiting mothers, and new friends to Kuwait), have absolutely raved about how wonderful they are.  They are guided tours BY Kuwaitis with a LOVE of Kuwait.  You will get the real flavor of the country and it's culture from these people (literally - sometimes as guests walk along through the old souq's, the tour guides will stop to talk to friends they know and vendors will say, "try this...")

The weather is perfect, most people are still in town and haven’t left for any holidays left.  Consider taking a tour of Kuwait.  Even if  you have lived here for a long time, you may experience new things by looking at it from someone else’s perspective.

(Morqab Tours pricing may have changed -  as the flier above is dated)


Phone:  (965) 6510-0772

(NOTE:  This is not a paid advertisement.  They cook me dinner and I get to hear stories.  That's about it!  I just really like them)

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