Sunday, November 16, 2014

Goat Love Story

I had a very eventful weekend.  The big news is that I was gifted 2 more goats.  I have known Rashed for a long time, but I never knew he "liked" me.  You know - kinda crushin on me.

Well, Rashed gave me my 2nd goat, Nina (formerly "Nacho" but it just didn't suit her).  Nina was meant to be a companion/"wife" to Paco, my first goat.  I believe that Nina is too young to have kids. Rashed told me she isn't and should have conceived by now.

So, he said he was going to "replace" Nina with another female goat.  Uh uh!  I don't "replace" pets.  Besides, Paco is totally smitten with Nina.  They "hug" each other (he puts his neck over her neck) and they cuddle.  They're so cute together and it has taken months of his efforts to get her to love him.  She can't be "replaced".

I told Rashed in no uncertain terms!

So, he insisted on bringing me another female goat; but then thought harder and came up with the idea that perhaps it isn't Nina's fault that she hasn't become pregnant yet, but Paco's.  Oh noooo you di'in't!  My Paco is all man!  Rashed then insisted that he bring me 2 more goats;  instead of one female goat, he would bring me a male and a female.

Nina is jealous!  Meak-meager little slight of a goat; she keeps head-butting the female away from Paco.  And the little male goat just quivers in the corner.  They are both really young.  Paco seems happy, however.  I'm glad about that.  They'll all get used to each other in time and learn to be a goat family, I'm sure.  God help me if no one gets pregnant, however.  I'm pretty sure that Rashed will come to the rescue with more goats.

So, I'm officially a goat farmer now.  When/if anyone does have babies, please write to me if you would like a pet goat.  They're super-cute and very smart.

Ok, so back to Rashed. He's one of my "brother", Hmood's, good friends.  I've seen Rashed many times over the years.  He's a nice guy, but most of the time, I don't pay attention and miss signals (aka "clueless").  Perhaps goat-gifting should have been a big clue.  I dunno... some girls get diamonds.  Some girls get trips or cars or even candle-lit dinners.  I am unique (you know it by now, don't ya?)  I get goats.

Hmood finally told me.  I was like, 'Oh my God!  All he had to do was to buy me a hamburger from McDonald's!'  (Not goat meat...)  So this weekend, Rashed finally invited me to lunch and it was lovely.  He continued to sit a respectable 4' away from me (that will probably last another year or so... sigh).  We went to have lunch with his friends who have apparently heard all about me (where was I?!)  Nice people.  Nice lunch.  Good start.

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TisMe said...

" I don't pay attention and miss signals (aka "clueless"). Perhaps goat-gifting should have been a big clue."

Hahaha, Shepherds tend to be serious about their goats. Best of luck ^^