Thursday, September 25, 2014

Getting back to personal - Part Deux

I meet a lot of men and one would think that there would be something to be said about the law of averages.  You would think that through volume, I might find someone acceptable for a relationship. 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. 

I liked Mr. Monte Carlo.  Seemingly good catch, but just wanted me around to show off to his friends that he could “catch” an ajnabia (foreigner).  No dinner.  No dates.  Nada.  And please, I don’t belong to a college club/frat:  No one drinks as much as you do and that is not all that everyone is interested in.  Grow up.  You’re 45.

I gave up on his sorry ass.

Then, I met another guy that I liked.  (I call him, “Envoy” because that’s what he drives.)  Lives in the next block (how convenient!).  Divorced.  2 boys.  Loves my dog.  We went out to dinner a few times to nice restaurants.  Walk on the beach.   Took me by his house (after he fixed my car – to pick it up).  Told his sons about me.  But, during our brief relationshit, he was a no-show twice and the third time was 3 hours late. So, of course, he was dumpsville.  I gave him the opportunity to explain, but he couldn’t produce any words after almost a week, so I showed him my 2014 dance.  It's a little thing I like to call BLOCK – DELETE.

If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.  Forget it.  You have my number.  You want to make it better?  Send me flowers with an explanation and I MIGHT talk to you.   If not, bah byyyyyye.  I’m not in the mood.  While you are sitting there with your thumb up your ass, trying to figure out what you want to do with me, I’m out meeting more men.  It’s simple.  If you can’t impress me, I’m on to the next best thing.  I don’t care.  You don’t get it.  I’m not home, crying into my pillow. Second rate isn't worth it.  I’m out meeting the next potential (whatever).

So, I met another guy I liked.  Divorced with 3 kids (only he neglected to mention to me that it was the Islamic 1st divorce).  Owns horses.  Cool badass job.  We talked on the phone for hours.  Indications good for a nice guy.  After standing me up for our first date, sent me a message saying that he would never be able to marry me, so we should just stop talking.  Okey dokey. Thanks.  That saved me from having to block/delete you.  Whatever happened to being friends and letting a relationship progress?  We haven’t even had a date yet and he’s talking about how he’ll never marry me.  Did I miss something?  (Like my 5K diamond engagement ring, perhapsee?)


So I met another guy (who was way too short for me) I liked.  First date, brought me a pink rose (without knowing they are my favorite.)   We went out to dinner (in an out-of-the way place.  Nice place, but there were only 2 other people there.  I kinda felt like he didn’t want to be seen out, although he never said it.  Date #2 was at a club with a restaurant.  His brother is a manager of the club I guess.  I thought we would be eating with the other restaurant patrons, but it turned out that we had a meal in his brother’s office.  If he was maybe 2’ taller, I probably could have dealt with this situation better.  I have a problem with men just tall enough to stare into my boobs and then take me to dinner seated in office/closets.


This year sucks for me in the relationship department.  My birthday horoscope said that it would.  


nidhi said...

Hi , i recently started reading ur blog. Pat..Pat.. you arre funny , bold, vivid, sarcastic, smart, rebellious and a lot more:)... just loved every bit of it .

Anonymous said...

Hi DG, a follower of your blog ever since I fell for a Kuwaiti girl and began searching all things Kuwaiti. I stumbled upon your blog and it reminds me of her everytime I read your blog. I wish love was simple. It is not just hard for women albeit my situation was different. Sigh :, (