Thursday, September 25, 2014

Getting back to personal

I haven’t blogged about personal stuff for a while.  I was inspired to do so by a new blog I found called “I Date Kuwait” by a Kuwaiti woman telling her perspective of the scene here.  She will probably eventually become old and jaded like me and realize that a whole lot of her friends, family members, and colleagues have figured out who she really is.  At that point in time, she’ll decide to start posting info about her dog (cat?) and less and less info on her real personal life (just like me!).  Until then, I’m really enjoying her perspective.

So let’s talk about me!

Post 1

Mr. Clean et al:  I shoulda stopped going to his family a long time ago.  Y’alls told me to stop.  But, I just really longed for that family gathering feeling that I’m lacking here as my family is on the other side of the World.  So Clean’s family became my Friday afternoon crutch.  Which was fine, for a while.  Until September 11th (2014, that is).  I’m Instagram buddies with Clean’s brothers (all 5 of them).  A few of which I’ve always thought have had prejudiced or judgmental opinions, but hey – to each his own.  That’s their karma.   However, on September 11th, the Challenged One posted a photo of Osama Bin Ga7aba with a caption that read something like, “The day Osama made the Americans cry.  May he rest in peace.”  It was “liked” by Clean.  It was commented on by another brother who said something in agreement like, “Yes!  Great!”

And if anyone from Kuwait State Security wants details on the
people posting or "liking", write to me at

Ok, Osama Bin Ga7aba was no friend to Moslems anywhere.  He was evil.  Moslems do not kill innocent people.  Terrorists and demons do.  September 11th did not make life for most Moslems easier or happier, as we all know.  So why idolize him?  And if you do idolize him and make a statement like this about Americans, does that mean that you hate me also, as an American?  Yes, I did cry on September 11, 2001.  So did many people around the World because, not only did it affect many of us personally (as it did similar to when Kuwait was invaded in August of 1990), but it affected the World as we knew it.

I went ballistic when I saw the Instagram message.  I sent it to his other family members.  One of his sisters answered immediately, “Ha ha ha.  He’s stupid.”  I didn’t see the humor.  I sent it to his father.  No response.  I finally called one of the brothers that I’m closest to and told him and I sent along a threat that if his family was pro-terrorism, they should probably be more aware of the investigations that are going on in Kuwait right now and that perhaps they should re-think promoting terrorism via the internet.  The Challenged One took it down [but not until people like his friend (7son_alqallaf” tagline Special forces… explosives – kinda scary if he’s in the Kuwait forces!) and 30 other people in Kuwait had “liked” it or commented positively.]

It is now September 25th.  I think I have been rather vocal about how I felt about that message.  I stopped going to their house for lunches and I haven’t called any of them.  How have they responded?  With silence.

Ok, so it’s like that.  If you hate Americans, you hate me.  You can’t call someone a racial slur and then expect them to go to family lunch at your home (for example).   I’m not in the habit of hangin’ with people who are pro-terrorist.  Especially these days.

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