Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kuwait: Animal Torture Case September 2014

Horrific photos and video of man on a residential street in Kuwait torturing a rabbit and skinning it alive with his teeth
WARNING:  Don't scroll down if you are sensitive. GRAPHIC CONTENT 

I saw part of the torture video on Instagram last night, posted by a lawyer.  I immediately blocked the lawyer (regardless of his intentions, I was so traumatized by the 2 seconds I saw; without even knowing what would happen next,  that I have no intention of associating myself with the person who would post it).

Life In Kuwait blog has the full story (Link Here) without the graphic video, thank God.  Pictures however, are pretty graphic.  I cropped the torturer's photo, but he looks like a rabid dog (no insult to dogs) with the rabbit's blood covering his face.

My theory is this:  If this man is finding joy in torturing an animal, he is also finding joy in doing it to his own children, children in his neighborhood, weaker people.  His wife?  He should be sent in immediately for psychiatric evaluation.  Get him OUT of our community!!!

Update:  Arab Times Today - September 18, 2014

Source:  HERE

I am not posting this to encourage him or his followers.  I am posting this because I would like to see him arrested for the safety of animals and humans in our area!  

Mariam Al-Kharafi:  I commend you for immediately stepping forward to take legal action.  You are an outstanding member of this society!

The below was circulated on Facebook.  He obviously has no fear of repercussion as he posts his full, un-edited Civil ID card (Kuwaiti national identity card).  I can't read the name...  It sounds like a subconscious plead for help; that he really does want to be caught.  I hope that happens - and soon.

I will keep you posted as I hear more about this horrific story. 

In my 18 years in Kuwait, this is the 2nd-most-awful story I've heard (and I had the distinct misfortune to see part of this one).  One would think that I would be desensitized to a lot of the things I've seen in my life, but something like this just makes my blood boil to the point that I want to commit homicide against the perpetrator....


Anonymous said...

It is a shame that anyone can do that to an innocent creature. This are pure signs of insanity.By mentioning them in our blogs or on the sites we are just giving them the publicity which these inhumane creatures are ardently looking for

Anonymous said...

He has 13,000 sicko's following him, do they all belong to ISIL? What is happening in Kuwait, the Kuwait that you post about during your many years there is slowing disintegrating. Obviously, this man should be escorted to the closed mental facility in Kuwait.

Anonymous said...

I remember 20 + years ago on Kuwait tv channel 1 they had a program showing kuwaiti elite soldiers training and they were grabbing snakes and killing them with their bare hands. Actually they had to bite right under the mouth to make a hole then tear it opened. I only saw a little bit of it but I think they ate it too.