Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Old News, But Here Ya Go...

Kuwait Ranks Last In List Of Best World Nations For Expats To Live‘Inter-Nations Connecting Global Minds’ Issues Report

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 7: Kuwait has been ranked last in the list of best countries in the world for expatriates to live and work, based on a report titled ‘Expats Insider Survey 2014’ issued by the ‘Inter- Nations Connecting Global Minds’, which is the first international community for expatriates, reports Al-Qabas daily.

According to the report, the survey rates different countries based on the quality of life, employment, social relations, entertainment and financial benefits for the expatriates.
Kuwait was placed in 61st position internationally after Qatar, Greece and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The main reason for Kuwait’s rate is the decrease in the individual happiness index of expatriates. Settling in Kuwait is not at all easy for the expatriates in Kuwait. It is also not easy to make lasting friendship or even feel at home in Kuwait.

Only five percent of the respondents admitted that they feel like they are in their own country while they are in Kuwait while only 7 percent said it is easy to make lasting friendships in Kuwait. Regarding the quality of life, Kuwait was placed in the second last position.

Kuwait was placed in the 60th position in terms of entertainment options for expatriates, and in 50th position in terms of traveling and moving around in the country.


Kuwait was ranked 59th in the health, safety and care aspects while it was last in terms of balance between work and life for the expatriates. It was placed in the 60th position in terms of work and employment, and in 36th position in terms of job security.

The report ranked Kuwait at 56th position regarding financial benefits for expatriates and its value to cater for the family while it was placed in 47th position in terms of the living standards. In addition, expatriates in Kuwait are considered to have the highest working hours in a week, as they work an average of 44.8 hours per week while expatriates in UAE work 45.6 hours per week, 44.8 hours in Qatar and 44.3 hours in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to the report, expatriates enjoy least working hours in Ecuador, Israel, France, Norway, Australia and Costa Rica.

Regarding the cost of accommodation, Kuwait is among the countries worldwide with most expensive accommodation costs for expatriates besides Hong Kong, Singapore, Luxemburg and Qatar. The cheapest countries for expatriates in terms of accommodation cost are Ecuador, Hungary, Thailand, Mexico and Egypt.

In this regard, 21 percent of expatriates in Kuwait claimed that the accommodation cost in Kuwait is very high while only 4 percent consider the rents as acceptable. Regarding the Expats Insider Survey, it uses a methodology that focuses on the quality of life and ranks over 60 countries based on a variety of factors such as leisure, travel and transportation, health and safety, as well as personal happiness.


Anonymous said...

Are domestic workers considered expats? If so then this survey makes sense

K said...

Hello - I found your blog before moving to Kuwait and found it informative (thanks!). I just read that Internations survey tonight actually and it is interesting. While I have only been in Kuwait 7 weeks, those 7 weeks have me agreeing with the survey. Kuwait is not friendly to expats (regardless of social standing). As a HIGHLY educated American, very professional and accomplished, I find I am treated as if I am to serve "them". It is the prevailing attitude in Kuwait. Of course there are lovely locals and good people. Yet overall Kuwait is not a welcoming place. It is beyond expensive. There is NOT money to be made here anymore simply due to the cost of living. Even the young Kuwaiti's cannot afford to live here anymore (they stiff their landlords more than they pay them). Quite honestly I am moving on to Dubai or back to U.S. when my contract is up. I look at my time here as an adventure, have met some great folks (local and expat), made great friends and look forward to trip to Bahrain (and opportunity for adult beverages). Your blog is great. It did help me make decision to come in the first place. All the Best, K