Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Blog Bashing

I'm totally not commenting on the unfolding story on blogsphere.  People have actually tried to goad me into commenting on it.  It is beneath me.   I'm friends in real life with all of them.  I have nothing to say except that all people listed have been incredibly kind to me in one way or another over the years.  I've always felt a connection to other female bloggers in Kuwait - a kinship or sisterhood to all the WOMEN (not "girls" as it has been mentioned).   So I continue to wish all of them well.

But what I do have to say is about comments I've read on other blogs and threads about it.  Dayum - does no one have anything better to do than to go out purposely to bash people?  And then it turns into American bashing.  Then getting more detailed, into American women bashing.  Then American women from the South bashing.  WTF.  (I hate that blog and I shouldn't have even looked at it.  I'm sorry I did.  So negative and detrimental.)

Why are so many people angry at Americans?
At women?
At the South?
Why are so many people just angry in general?

Well hey - if people want to believe that I'm someone I'm not, then they should go ahead.  If people want to believe I'm "trailer trash" or "superficial" or a "drunk" or "promiscuous", you are more than entitled to your own opinion.  I didn't start blogging to please anyone (yet I hope that I've helped at least a few along the way).

Is what I write the truth and not fiction?  You believe whatever you want to believe.  I write it like I see it (and that is the beauty of blogs).  It is my truth - as I see it - and it is all about how I see it, my perspective, and what has happened to me (believe it or not).    I don't accept advertising and I have ZERO obligation to write anything here that I don't feel, see, or believe. I don't have editors or co-writers or people giving me gifts (or these days even invitations).  IF I like something (or IF I don't), if I feel like writing about it, I do.

It has been said that there are those who believe that perhaps those of us who are American's and speak Arabic  are Arab-Americans and not "original" Americans because no Americans speak Arabic.  Seriously?  Projecting much?   I don't believe in Arab-American, Irish-American, African-American.  I believe in American.  Unless you are 100% native American Indian, you're not "original" American.  We are a strong nation because we are united.  No Americans speak/understand Arabic?  That thar is a crock of shit. Anyone can learn anything - unless you are closed-minded and just don't want to learn.  In my neighborhood in Virginia, there are signs on the street corners that read, "Pre-K Chinese Classes..."   Chinese in pre-school.  Not university.  Not business school. Imagine that!   Not all Americans are ignorant.  Not all female Southern American bloggers are ignorant.  (Having said that, I can't do anything mathematical.  I can't.  It intimidates the bejuzus out of me.  I don't understand numbers and finance - although lately I've had to try to learn.    I understand words and I catch onto languages easily.  So what?  God made us all different.  That's why some people go into accounting and I don't.)

"Profiteering defense contractor"?  Hmmm..  That's another one.  Doesn't everyone profit from their job?  I started work as a part time maid at age 14. At 15, I was a part-time secretary.  Then I went to work as a temp - where I landed at a defense contractor doing stupid stuff like data entry.  Yes, the job I have now is in defense contracting.  Do I profit?  Yes.  I receive a salary just like everybody else who works.  I'm sorry, but I'm not a nun.  Are you?  I pay my bills on time and give to people less fortunate. I don't own a contracting company.  I work for a Kuwaiti company.   If I have a job that allows me to do that - and it is honest and I conduct myself with integrity - then what is your point?

Personally, I try not to judge because I answer to The Big Guy and one day all that negativity will come back.  Somebody might be a plumber or a carpenter or a house cleaner and overcharge me because they see me as a "profiteering defense contractor".  Does that make them better than me?  Do the right thing.

And again,  no one holds a gun to your head and threatens you if you don't spend your time reading this or any other blog (or book, or watching a movie, or doing any of the other things in your life). Stop blaming others for your actions.  Just stop doing what you are supposedly against.  (Why did I ever look at that blog?  I am 100% responsible for my own actions and now I'm writing about it.)


TisMe said...

Desert Girl , concerning the recent drama about some bloggers fakeness recently , Some people are starting to question you?

What's your response to all the people out there who think you're a 50 years old shemale?

Desert Girl said...

TisMe: Whatever is said, it's ALL true.

Anonymous said...

"TisMe: Whatever is said, it's ALL true. "

I had a good laugh there. thats the way to reply to these ludicrous comments. Now let them go figure. Once you accept their opinions, what are they going to do? Comment on the size of your d****??

Desert Girl said...

TisMe - None of it matters. I don't live my life based on the acceptance of others. If I were a 50 year old shemale, would it matter? No. Who cares? If someone writes fiction or non-fiction on their blog is none of my business.

Anonymous said...

But no Hayati? Really? Cant believe I wasted my time reading all that thinking it was real. Oh well, should have known better.