Monday, August 26, 2013

US Citizen Coming to Kuwait on a Visitor Visa?

Bring several copies of the 1st page of your passport.

Stella just came through along with 3 plane loads of people.  There were only 2 copy machines; both were broken.  Well, one turned out to be unplugged and out of toner; the other was broken (yes, one of the richest countries in the world).  Kuwaiti workers just stared.  They kept calling numbers for people to stand in yet another line where 1 camera and 1 fingerprint machine took data from all passengers.

Dubai, we aint.

This is a sorry state of affairs.


Rob said...

Having flown to Ethiopia and Tanzania, both considered 3rd-world countries, fairly often; I can confirm that their airports are a lot better organised and managed than Kuwait's!

Desert Girl said...

Rob - ha ha. Technically, Kuwait IS a third world country (with money).

Gela said...

Good to know. I might be coming for a visit in October. Thanks for the info, DG.

Expataussiegal said...

Oh, how I miss those days......NOT!