Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kuwait Finally Wising Up to Wild Animals as Pets?

Arab Times
Hunt Begins For Pet Wild Animals
‘Safety Of People Vital’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 26: The Interior Ministry in cooperation with the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) is said to be looking for ‘pet’ wild animals which put at risk the lives of citizens and residents, reports Al- Anba daily. The authorities have called on residents and citizens to notify them if they are aware of any wild animals in their vicinity. The daily added, the authorities plan to confiscate wild (pet) animals and punish their keepers.

This is done in the best interests and safety of the people. The sources added the Kuwaiti Penal Code punishes those who neglect animals and the civil law punishes the owner by forcing him to compensate the victim if attacked by the wild animal.

The source pointed the concerned authorities have received several complaints accusing people of breeding wild animals such as tigers, lions and crocodiles. Meanwhile, a Kuwaiti man shot dead a crocodile with a bullet to his head after the reptile crept into his house recently in Salwa, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to reports the man was at work and his maid called him to say she could not enter the house because a big lizard was in the doorway. The man rushed home and found the ‘pet’ crocodile which had reportedly escaped from its keep from a neighboring house.


So here's what I want to know:   What are they intending to do with the animals?  Maybe give them to some snipers like what they allowed to happen with the stray dogs in Kuwait?  I can see this being very bad.

If I were the (STUPID) owner of a wild/exotic/endangered animal and LOVED it in Kuwait, right about now, I would be thinking of ways to ship it out of the country to a game reserve somewhere.  Idiots.

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