Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pondering the Posting about Relationships. What do you think?

Should I or should I not write about relationshits?  This is the question.... hmmmmm.... and then - should I allow comments on posts regarding relationshits so that I can get more negativity from da hatahs? 

I ponder this all the time now because:

  1. So many people in my personal and professional life know who I really am.  This gives them the ability to judge me by my BMCing here on the blog.  Perhapsee they have one impression of who I am and then they read this and say "OMG - Who KNEW she is so dysfunctional?"
  2. I don't want sound like a whiney girl all the time. (I'm usually the one who listens to people.)
  3. Negativity is not good for the soul.
  4. He may, someday/somehow, read the post and see me differently (in a negative/judgmental way). 

At the same time, the "cons":

  1. Maybe someone will relate to what I have to say and feel better about their own situation.
  2. Perhapsee by writing about it and getting it out there, it will be therapy for me (which was my original objective of the blog).
  3. My friends are so sick of hearing me talk about it that I will have an objective/independent audience for feedback.

What do you think?  Should I dish?  I am going to leave this one to the floor to discuss and reply.  I have taken off the "no anonymous comments allowed" feature.  Please feel free to be honest.

When I first started this blog, it was SO therapeutic because I could say whatever I wanted without fearing that my family, friends, colleagues, and potential business acquaintances would read it and know who I was.  Now, I'm all over the map and it is scary.  I'm finding it a dilemma. 


Rob said...

Go for it - haters gonna hate, no matter what you say or do. Ignore the clamouring of the small-minded minority.

RO said...

I actually think its quite fine what you're doing. I mean your not going into specifics discussing "he said" or "she said" are just talking about whats going on in your life and opening yourself up to your readers. If anything, it kinda brings us readers closer to you. Thats just my two bits :)

Expat and the City said...

Just my opinion: Keep doing what you're doing because you do it so well.

You are Desert Girl! You have one of the oldest blogs in Kuwait. Your fans love your blog. Don't change! You're charming, hilarious, and witty. Who cares what people think. We all can relate to you and appreciate your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Desert Girl,

I think its time to stop the relationship discussions because nobody in Kuwait is empathising with you or providing any feedback that actually does help you get over it. You really need to have a close friend circle you can discuss it with and get advice or help or vent your frustrations. Positivity also helps.

Amanda said...

Having been in 2 different long-term relationships with Kuwaiti men, I totally understand where you are coming from when writing on relationships! You have kept me entertained over the last few years!

AG said...

I agree with the others. Do your thing! So what if people know you (professionally or otherwise) as 'Desert Girl the blogger', does their opinion realllllly change anything about your life? You're too great to alter who you are for the few who might judge you.

Also, people are going to hate because they want to be you, or their jealous of you. Embrace it :)

But most importantly, you use the blog for your own therapy AND you help others through your experiences.

Lauren of Arabia said...

People like your blog you shouldnt have to change what you are doing bc of negative comments. Sometimes it does feel good to get it all out. For every bad comment how many good comments from people supporting you have you gotten?

Anonymous said...

I stumbled on your blog before I moved to Kuwait and still read it though I'm back in the US. I LOVE your post about relationships. I literally threw my hands up in the air when you got back with The Man a few years ago. I got mad at that one dude for leaving you alone in the desert. I can't believe the other guy told you he'd take a 2nd wife. I don't know who you are, but I'm oddly invested in your relationships. Don't leave us hanging!

Anonymous said...

Please dont stop.. update more if anything.. I really like your blog.

On other regards; what does 3ayara mean?? Anyone can answer?

Gela said...

I was just telling one of my friends how much I enjoy reading your blog. Key words: YOUR blog! I especially like your sarcastic (and I say that with love) tone because it reminds me of me.
Anyway, you've helped me and so many others by what you write. How many American girls have said/felt that they were the only one going through something, and then they read your blog and found out they weren't alone!
If people know you and judge you, they can go scratch! Keep writing about what you want. Relationships are never easy, and if your blog provides an outlet, that's great. Peace and hair grease to you, girl!