Monday, August 19, 2013

I (heart) My Followers

I still find it hard to believe that anyone reads this crap, but apparently, people do.  THANK YOU all for just turning over the 1 millionth hit mark.  Who knew?

I'm going to do some tequila shots now to celebrate.  Too bad I'm alone (not really, more for me!)  Oh... right... I'll be thinking of you all.

One tequila
Two tequila
Three tequila



Desert Girl said...

Expat and The City hit it (so to speak) a long time ago and I was secretly envious of her. She's been a lot better about marketing her blog than I have. I'm not as proactive (oh, come on, DG, let's be honest: you're just NOT ACTIVE). True. So this kinda happened on it's own. So cool. Isn't it cool? I don't care if even 750,000 page hits were from either haters or say the authorities checking up on the shannanigans. Still really psyched about it.

Expat and the City said...

Congratulations!!!! Welcome back! <3 I swear I don't promote the blog at all. I used to have more time to comment on other blogs that I love (like yours) and I posted more but now I cannot. My hits are down which doesn't matter to me because I blog for the love of blogging. If any blogger posts something daily (I never did that even with help) and then comments on popular Kuwait blogs they will get a lot of hits. I am back to the basics now avoiding the invites & gifts from companies wanting free advertisement. Unless it's a friend. I used to do it to be nice but now that we lost N there is no time. It's really just a blog about living in Kuwait.

Your blog is one of the best! You focus on quality rather than quantity. I'm so sleepy so hopefully this makes sense. Anyways, congrats and lots of blog love. xx

Jenna Jacksson said...

Hi! I have a question which I would really like to get answered.. I read ur post about picking up girls in kuwait, now im wondering, if two people have a relationship in q8, how far will they usually go, do they make out, have sex etc? what is considered a relationship? how long does it usually last? please answer!! Thank you <3

Desert Girl said...

Jenna, those are some very subjective questions!

It all depends (like everywhere) on the individuals. What do you consider a relationship? What does anyone? How long do your relationships last? How long does anyone's?

How should I answer you? Too many variables.

Jenna Jacksson said...

Hi Desert Girl.. Thank you for the quick response..
about the relationship part, is it like 3-4-5 months or do they stay together for years? how long until usually they marry within a relationship? i mean after how long?

is sex normal within a relationship there? do they make out at all? or is it strictly just holding hands and stuff?

do they meet the family and hang out at eachothers places while they are still bf & gf? you know, like a standard us relationship..

Kind regards

Desert Girl said...

Hi Jenna,

It still all depends on a lot of things. Write to me at