Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pet Shops in Kuwait & Where to Take Your Dog

Kuwaitiful blog has a very good post about a number of pet shops in Kuwait and what items they have for sale.  I'm not going to re-post because it has a lot of photos that I don't want to plagiarize.  Kuwaitiful does very nice work!  To see the entire post CLICK HERE.

In addition to the list, International Veterinary Hospital and Ace Hardware are also good places to buy dog toys, accessories (even doggy clothes) and food.

I've been sent quite a few questions recently from people who are bringing their dogs to Kuwait and want to know where they can take them off the leash to run around.

I keep Desert Dawg on a leash at all times.  She's bitchy and vindictive and she would probably pull a runner on me just out of spite.  I'm super-afraid of her becoming bait in some dogfight somewhere or being sold in the Friday market.  Even the thought of it makes me tear up (sniffle). It happens here and if people do steal your dog to keep it as a pet, eventually the novelty wears off and they might even dump them somewhere in the desert.  Kabd is full of a variety of dogs - some of them purebred - that people have dumped.

Get your dog microchiped at IVH or RAH.  It won't make much of a difference, though, because the only places some good samaritan can go to check to see if your pet has a chip are at IVH or RAH and they may not want to bear the expense or the drive time.

As a dog owner, you've also got to be aware that the municipality leaves poison out for strays.  That means your pet (or your child) is at risk in public walking areas and other places.

So where do you go?  My recommendations are (this time of the year) to take them out to the desert somewhere and let them run around.  Just get in your car, newbies, and drive out to an open area. Don't be afraid.    Or, sometimes the beach at Zoor is empty (write to me for directions).  Unfortunately, Kuwait doesn't have dog parks and pets in public green parks (from what I've heard) are not allowed.  Sucky, but true.

I think that dogs, like people, adapt.  I've had to adapt to the hot weather (staying inside for long periods of time).  Get a treadmill, put your dog on it, and put him/her in front of the TV with the AnimalPlanet on.


Traveler said...

I think I may try the desert run thing with Falkor this weekend. I know he loves to run -- just can't find a place to let him do it.

Expat and the City said...

Hahaha @ Desert Dog! She sounds just like mine.

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