Tuesday, January 08, 2013

My new life in the desert

I arrived in Kuwait from Virginia on New Years Eve.  The plane was empty.  Apparently, Kuwait isn't a big New Years Eve destination.  Who knew?

Desert Guy picked me up at the airport.  We drove directly down to his desert camp in Zor. The Romanian was there with her boyfriend, who is DGy's cousin.   We spent New Year's Eve together - about 10 of us - around the fire watching fireworks all around us, set off from other camps.

TR and I never - ever - ever have spent a night to sleep at a friends camp (or anywhere else in Kuwait).  We always go home no matter what time it is. We didn't go home for 5 days (even my die-hard Bedouin friends said, "You're CRAZY!  It's cold out there.")  I slept in DGy's tent; the Romanian slept in her guy's chalet.  They found a dog the week before,  running around in the desert with a cable around her neck.  We've adopted her; a German Shepherd named "Rose"  (Desert Rose).  She slept one night next to me on the floor.  I love her.  The entire group (7 of us who stay at the camp) woke up late and The Romanian was usually awake already and had coffee ready for us.  It was cold, but none of us felt it.  (I, for example, had my 2 huge suitcases brought with me back from the States full of cold-weather clothes.)

The camp consists of 3 portable cabins ("chalets"),  8 tents and an RV ("caravan").  There are 2 kitchens and each chalet, and at least 2 of the tents have bathrooms.  2 generators for electricity.  There are four 60" (or more) TVs, ATVs, a dune buggy and various other forms of entertainment.  (It's not 'zactly roughing it.)  At night, friends stop by and come and go.  We eat very very late and most of the time don't sleep until the sun comes up.  (There are 24/7 restaurants not too far away - like McDonald's and an Indian restaurant we went to one "night" at 5am.)

I noticed that a little gerbil has made a hole into the tent where we eat.  He's a fat little thing I've named "Mickey."  I feed him rice and fruit. He doesn't seem to like vodka, but he's really friendly.

I could live there full time during the winter if I didn't need to have money (aka - go to work).  I love it so so so so much.  Mashallah.

Desert Dawg hasn't been there yet, but I'm planning to take her this weekend.  I hope she gets along with Rose (I didn't name her - I think it is a stupid name, but whatever.)

We had so much fun that I almost cried when we left.  It wasn't reality there.  We were someplace else.

I woke up in the night in my own bed in my own apartment and had no idea where I was.  There was no DGy next to me or big dog sleeping on the floor next to the bed watching over me.  Where was the sand?  Where was TR with my coffee? Where was the rest of the desert family?  Sadness.   I turned on the radio and that song, "Back to Life (back to reality)" was on (ironically, played right after "Diamonds" which was our theme song for the whole week).  Went to work; back to the routine.

I sincerely can not wait for this Thursday evening to arrive to get back there.  This reality thing sucks.

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Expat and the City said...

Sounds fabulous DG! Welcome back to Kuwait and this desert guy seems like a real catch. So happy for you.