Thursday, July 07, 2011

Aging gracefully - with help

I aint sayin I'm old (and you can't either).  I'm 29.  That's it.  But like, things age.  So, por example,  if I have a car with a few scratches, I'm going to go get it waxed or take it to a body shop to get the dings banged out. If the leather seats are saggy, I go downtown to the interior shop and have new leather put in.   Ergo my post... fix it!

I have no problem in admitting that I've had botox.  I did my forehead twice in the US.  The first time was a Christmas gift from my incredibly kind and generous sister (who probably knew I would get hooked on the needle like her) and the second time was on me.  It was like a mini brow lift and I like the fact that it got rid of that little line right below my forehead on the bridge of my nose that no one will probably ever notice but me.  Don't care.  I feel better.

I'm not one of those women like my boss, Stella, with extraordinary features who seems ageless/timeless.  (Well, she is and I know because I've chatted with her online and we're like a couple of teenagers.)  She's got a frame that can carry her through life - tall and great bone structure.  She wears her hair short and it always looks elegant.  She's of the same mentality as my dad was (God rest his soul) in saying, "Why do you need THAT?  You don't need THAT."  Yuh.... do too, Stella.

(Yo, I am NOT pulling for more money or a bonus, but hey - that would be nice, so I could afford more of this stuff that supposedly I don't "need.")

As those of  you know who follow along in these here adventures (and I have no idea WHY), I had lasic surgery in December and I'm loving it.  Again, compliments of my incredibly kind and generous sister (Mashallah, God bless her. Thank you so much for the gift of sight. Have I told you lately that I love you?)  It was probably the best thing that I've ever done for myself (well, I went through it, but she paid for it).  I can see and having the lasic really helped me through my latest bout of Kuwaiti pink/stink eye.

(So did the cute haircut that Butterfly did for me and the Brazilian Blowout that I got from Ashlee at Strands, Fanar.  Yo, Ashleeeeeeeeeeee!)
I have a line that runs through my head in an endless loop.  Sometime in my past I have heard this (maybe a few times).  When asked what regrets, if any, an elderly person has, the person responds with, "I wish I had taken better care of my teeth."  Ok, I know I need to do that. I don't like the taste of pureed pees or baby food mush.  Plus, on all the "Look 10 Years Younger" shows they are always saying that one of the first signs of aging is a jacked-up smile.  (Not exactly in those words, but close.)  So, methinks I'll get my teeth worked on first and then I'll go for braces.  I want Invisilyn. My sister had them and I have gone to a consultation (Dr. Javed Parker at New Mowasat) and I am a candidate for them.

Step 1:  Fixing the teeth problems first. (Well, after the hair/make up, but that's a given, right?)

I just had the third in my series of root canals.  This was the worst and I just spent 3 hours having it done - it is only half-way finished; need to go back.  This one was the one that I punched the dentist over way back (I can't even tell you how long ago). It was very very painful.   Dentist lady couldn't find the right novocaine. I right crossed her by accident; not my fault.  Anyhoo, ever since that episode in my life (I can't even tell you how long ago), I have had a dental phobia.  Even when I went to get the crown on that particular tooth, I drank half a bottle of vodka and took a percocet (love it!).  Let's call it "nerves". 

I literally "interviewed" 6 dentists in Kuwait to see who would be the lucky candidate to dig in my roots (sounds dirty, eh?).  I informed each that I have a phobia of dentists.  Al Salem Hospital, Dr. Bozo the Clown,  actually laughed at me and then had the nerve - while I was stuck in the chair - to show me a video of how he was planning to burrow a hole into my jaw bone to screw in an implant.  I guess he thought I would be impressed by his TV monitor.  OH PHUCK NO.  He giggled. I started sweating profusely and calling The Romanian for morale support.  I ran to my car (clickety click) to get far, far away.  Then, there was the whole, "It's going to cost you 2,000KD" (with a smile)  visit to Dr. Sexy (Essa) at Asnan Clinic.  There WAS a party in my mouth over there and he WAS invited, but not for that much money.  He was that sexy that I woulda paid, but sorry, not so much.  Dr. Fadi at the International Clinic was very good.  He was my second runner up.  I felt comfortable and confident with him and IC has great, shiny new equipment.  I had a problem in that no clinic in Kuwait can use general anesthesia (without being attached to a hospital) and I wanted that option should I start freaking out.  Dr. Mohammed at the Salmiya Government Clinic (behind the fire station at the end of 4th Ring Road) was also very good, but ditto on the general and the look of the place was also kinda worrying.

So, I went to New Mowasat - which actually takes my dental insurance (that wasn't even a consideration because I just needed to feel comfortable first and foremost).  The kinda comfortable I felt at Asnan was toooo comfortable - OTT comfortable.  After-care, outpatient, at-home service kinda comfortable. 
It was too good..... just sayin.

Dr. Unni Krishnan at New Mowasat Hospital is a miracle worker.  He is the Tooth Whisperer. 

I first bit the heads off two receptionists before I even got in to see Dr. Unni.  I was nervous.  They F-ed up my appointments.  (Don't DO that when I'm already a phobe!  Don't DO that in a sing-songy "Thank you, sirmaaaam" voice when I know it is sickly insincere.)  Anyhoo...  Dr. Unni managed to turn the Desert Girl Evil Twin ("bitchy" Desert Girl) into calm and collected Desert Girl.  He talked me down off the ledge.  He is half psychiatrist and half dentist and half angel (I know that's too many halves - don't care).  He managed to save my bad bad tooth that the others said they would probably have to pull.  Wooo hooo - no screwy implant (that no way in Hell I would ever go back to get).  Dr. Unni made it all painless and I didn't need general.  He worked slowly and talked calmly.  I love him and I can't say enough about how good his work is.  He has small hands too - which I find very important for both dentists and gynecologists. 

Ok, so we have the Tooth Plan.  Check and future check.

What's next, you ask?

Desert Girl has always hated her stomach (I also hate people who talk about themselves in the third person, but that's another story).  While at New Mowasat, I went across the hall to Dr. Hirsch, the German plastic surgeon to check out lypo and a tummy tuck.  He charged 30kd to look at me neked (shouldn't it be the other way around??) and told me it would run around 3,500KD.

Here is my question to all you Kuwaiti (and other) ladies who have had the lypo/tummy tuck done:  who is good in Kuwait and how much did you pay?

I like all my other parts (for now).  I guess at some point, I'm going to have to have The Girls lifted, but they're doing okay now and have so far not been terribly affected by a downward affect of gravity. I suppose that as long as I can still roll 'em up into a Miracle Bra, they'll be okay.

Does anyone really want to play with Old Barbie anyways?  Je thinks not.  Girlfriend, get some highlights and a little Botox!


American Girl said...

I'm officially addicted to my Botox, Restalyne, IPL, and Chemical Peels. They're all inexpensive on this side of the world so I might as well indulge since the price isn't pushing me towards being homeless.

The cost here in the UAE for everything (tuck and suck -- at one of the best hospitals)is 28,000 dhs -- approx. 2400 KD.

Please give us an update as you go down this road. It's great to see you focus on yourself -- you deserve that!

jhonybravo said...

"So, por example,if I have a car with a few scratches"

Thats "por" sound so philipinies..

LJ said...

get it done in Lebanon!!! Half the price and the Drs are amazing, trained in the states or brazil usually. It's incredibly common there as well, so they've had lots of practice!

Desert Girl said...

Yeah but where - specifics please.

Lebanon: Hmmm.... not so sure. Don't know if I want to come out looking like some kind of cloned Nancy Ajram like a million other girls.

American Girl said...

DG, contact Cosmesurge -- they have a branch in Kuwait. That's where my quote came from, but the location here in Abu Dhabi. That price includes all pre-op and post-op care to include massages, blood work, 2 days in the hospital, etc.

Anonymous said...

DG and AG,
Where do you recommend for a chemical peel? Does it hurt? How abrasive is it and can I apply make-up afterwards? Did you see immediate results or do you need several? I am in my late thirties and am starting to show the usual signs of aging.
Thanks and way to go DG for taking care of yourself! YOU HAVE INSPIRED ME TO DO MORE!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Totally recommend the Dental Spa -- I am a total Baby when it comes to dentists but Dr. Bouarki (UK graduate) puts you right at ease , knocks you out and his skills are great! Better than my dental experiences had in the US, Canada and Europe!

Anonymous said...

Had lasik at 40 and lower blephoraplasty (cosmetic eye surgery to remove bags) at 45. I look less tired, which was my goal. I'm 50 now, boobs are still in great shape, thanks for the good genes dad/mom, you are the bestess. Did the botox thing too - all in the US. Would do botox again but I'm out here in Djibouti Africa and that's not really a priority here in the Subsahara for some reason...Anything that makes you feel better about yourself, is always good - just don't expect cosmetic surger to change your life (famous, movie star looks, men falling all over you... lol) keep grounded. Lo

Q8teacher said...

DG, your blog has helped me in so many ways over the years! It has made me feel "normal" about some of the bizarre experiences and frustrations i have had in Kuwait. We both love q8 and call it home, while sometimes wanting to shout "Why??!" about some aggravating actions and mentalities going on around this nation. So thank you, DG. U are a voice of reason and empathy, whether u intended it or not :)

On another note, im thinking of having some work done on "my girls" :) i want them perky again. I even want to be able to go braless with certain dresses! Like others, im scared about which doctor to trust. Is there anyone great in
Kuwait, for breast augmentation? Who could i trust in Lebanon for the same procedure? If you have any helpful advice, I'd appreciate it! :)

Anonymous said...

Why do women refuse to age gracefully? lmao!!

Seriously, with very few exceptions, most women look a right mess post-op. That plastic surgery-enhanced "frankenstein" look ain't cute one bit.

American Girl said...

Anon 7:14,

I love my chemical peels but only need them about once every 6 months or so. You won't really see the results since you look at your face all the time -- but others will comment after about a week. No down time. Have it done in the afternoon, back to normal (washing, moisturizers, makeup, etc) the next.

If you really want to see some difference without looking plastic or fake -- go with the Mesoglow. Within 24 hours I could see a huge difference in my face after 1 treatment (cost about 40kd). Jaw line more defined, fine lines totally disappeared, pores invisible (and I have large pores), and skin appears more even toned. I'm going back for 3 more sessions -- once a week. Best thing I've done so far. And the needles don't hurt a bit.

MaisyDaisy said...

Where do you get the Mesoglow done at?

Anonymous said...

Hey DG,

Have you ever tried doing Oxyjet star and face peels?

I've been going to Tanya for 12 years & Now shes at Eden. All her machines have the latest technology.
She also has the gold facial that gives you a face lift.
I also have been doing the Velashape 2 on my stomach & arms, I lost 13 inch's on my waist and 7 on my arms.
You don't need to go under the knife anymore to get those Hollywood results.
Book with Tanya for a body & face consultation 22419557

Unknown said...

Breast implants surgery? Does anyone know the best surgeon out here in Kuwait but not so amazing that he'll keep me waiting to do the surgery to next month. Also i would love to know the price if you guys have any idea :')


Anonymous said...

Try Blooming Clinic; the plastic surgeon there is excellent; I don't think their prices are as high as 3500 KD. In addition this place is a hidden gem in Kuwait. Top!
Tel. 22615264