Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ordering DVDs online for delivery in Kuuuuu-wait

The other night, we were sitting around and it was too hot and humid to even venture outside. Plus, it was Friday and the traffic is horrific, so why bother?  The Man's son, Little Man, orders DVDs for home delivery on the internet, so he gave me the site (www.q8film.org) and we tried to order. There were 2 delivery timeslots:  4-8 pm and 9-11pm.  It was early; we opted for 4-8.  Nothing came.  We decided to go out and get movies from a shop (plus we were hungry).  Then, ironically, there was a dude in the parking lot and we ended up buying them from him.  (Dude asked if The Man was "the police" and we had a good laugh about that cause well - he is.)

Anyhoo, cut to Sunday.  I get 3 mysterious phone calls which I didn't bother to answer; followed by 1 ring, then hang up in 2 different calls; which means they are calling from their mobile phone but they want YOU to call back so that you have to pay for the call.  When that happens, I usually do the same thing in response - which I did.   They didn't like my voicemail either, no messages.  Whatever.  Then, The Man gets 2 calls from www.q8film.org (we gave them both numbers) telling him that the DVDs were ready for delivery.  WTF??? 2 days later?  DVD dude says that they delivery "4 to 8 days later".  Whaaaaaat??  En zain - whatever.

So tonight, The Man gets yet ANOTHER call (how many are we up to?  I've lost count...) from the OWNER of www.q8film.org, in an accusatory manner; asking him WHY we didn't take the DVD's?  I know - hard to believe, right?  No apologies.  This is the way of business in Kuwait.  Top customer service, baybee.  Owner dude went on to ask why we didn't see the notice on his site that said they have a day off (on Saturday).  Yeah?  So?  We ordered on Friday....  Get the POINT:  We no longer want the movies. RRRRR

And by yet another twist of irony, my friend, S, forwards me an e-mail from a site that she uses for clear DVDs.  I'm not going to publish the name because I don't want them to have any problems with the 5-O, but if you want it, write to me (as long as you are not "the police" LOL). I'm going to try them.  They look cool.


Abdulla said...

Hi, my name is Abdulla ... a long time follower that loves your page.

I was wondering if I can get the link to the clear DVD site (or guy) you were referring at as I've been dealing with one that sells them for KD 1.5 but I would like to see if I can get a better deal :)


Desert Girl said...


Desert Girl said...

ZZ - dude, get over yourself.

Abdulla said...

thanks for the help, wOW really loved them.

Anonymous said...

check this website too


best quality DVD just for 500 fils