Sunday, September 05, 2010

Jiminy Cricket Must Die!

I have a very nice garden outside my apartment.  I love the green and being about to look out my windows and see it all - and for like a week out of the year, to watch flowers bloom.  The only problem is the insects that my garden attracts.

All summer long, I have had crickets in my apartment.  It is like a frick-in orchestra at night.  One starts, others answer:  louder and louder. 

I am a very superstitious person and have been told vehemently that crickets singing is good luck and to kill one would be bad luck.  So.... all summer long (while I've been here), I have been doing catch and release.  Most likely, they have just being going back to where ever they came in, and coming back like a cricket revolving door.  I can't even tell you how many Jiminys I have caught and set out to the garden again.  One night, the count was up to 5. Tonight, it was 4 with an added bonus of a baby gecko lizard without a tail (very cute I might add, but not when it is lurking under the refrigerator).  He probably went under there to go after the crickets.

The little F-ers are everywhere.  I have discovered that dogs are not natural-born cricket hunters either.  Desert Dawg seems undisturbed by my mad dash from the bed to the pantry or kitchen to hunt.

Sorry, Jiminy, but either relocate like now, or face the Pif Paf.


Snow said...

You can send them my way, I miss the sound of crickets!! For some reason, we don't have them around our place. I would gladly accept them and put them in my yard, it reminds me of home :D

Lost b2amreeka. said...


i think at first it would be nice to hear them but then it would be simply ANNOYING!


LorD AymZ said...

finally a post by the infamous DG! :)

it may be bad juju to kill the buggers, but you could always forcibly relocate their green behinds elsewhere to lets say, ur neighbors yard?

Anonymous said...

I love the sound of criket on a warm summer night in my parents backyard in Colorado. HOWEVER inside all night would drive me crazy. I didn't even know they had crickets here I have never seen one. Gail

Anonymous said...

I was told that crickets mean moving, and each time i hear one for some reason i move either to another
country or a new house. Good luck!

babbleq8 said...

Oh, I'd be bringing out the Pif Paf...
I have to put up with a rooster in the house next door and that's bad enough, don't know how I'd cope with a bunch of crickets.
Kill them all. LOL