Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mosquito Bite on my Elbow

Have you ever had a mosquito bite on your elbow? WTF?! is it only ME??? I don't get it. It is so uncomfortable. What a terrible place to get bitten. I don't even think much about my elbows and then - WABAM! All I can do now is think about my elbow. Why me?

And now... for something completely different....

I had a very nice time last night meeting military contracting officials from Arifjan. They're definately getting a more approachable, friendly group. I'm sorry that LTC Kiser is leaving Kuwait. He seems like such a nice guy. I am happy, however, to learn that a female Commander of the Contracting Command (Southwest Asia- Kuwait) will be FEMALE. We have a female ambassador, a female commercial counselor, and now a female commander of contracting. WAY COOL! You go, girls! (Women)

It makes my job a wholelot easier because my misguided management immediately believes that we are all in some kind of secret society or something: just being female. "You can go talk to them, you're female too...." Yeah? And?

See, it's like this in my perspective: It's all about mixing up the perspectives. We've had old white dudes around for a long time (ok, Sunny Busa as commerical counselor stirred it up a bit as a Filipino/American in Kuwait) and now there is a different perspective on things. I'm liking it.

When Sunny first came to Kuwait, I heard a story that he went to one of the ministries to meet with a minister... when he got to security, a junior level security guard told him to wait on the sidelines, brushing him off as a mandoob or driver of the commercial counselor. I heard this story from an Undersecretary friend. Guess they were expecting old white dude. NOT.

Anyhoo, back to my story, I enjoyed my dinner meeting last night - even though I almost missed it because my powernap went into overtime. Hurling myself from bed, I didn't even manage to get full make-up on before running for the door.

Neither the Banker nor the Chairman showed up. Bummer. Probably better because I wasn't in full make up and my hair was kind of weird. I'm trying new things - like anything I can find in my refrigerator and my bathroom on my head as conditioner. Mayonaise, olive oil, caster oil, rosemary infused oil, safflower oil, 12 different kinds of conditioner... whatever. The hair on my LEGS grew overnight, but my head...

How bout that dust storm? Holy snap! I left the meeting and was met with a wall of dust (and airborne spores most likely). Free abrasive facial treatment right thar, so it was.

I'm in a bit of a funk this week. All of a sudden, I want to get hair extensions, liposuction, and have my teeth straightened. I don't know what brought this about. I just want it - and now. I have had a week of long, boring meetings and not too much (personal-related) social activity - unless discussions with my dog and the cats counts.

Speaking of the cats, I fear that something sinister has become of Petey, the black cat. He's been MIA for 2 weeks now. He's a bit of an adventurous cat, so he may have met his demise in the engine of a car; or most likely - by crossing a street at night (with his pupils completely dialated, you can't see him at all). I miss him. His brother and sister seem to be upset about it too. Now it is just down to P2; Paint and Petunia.

If one more person tells me that I need to get a life, I am going to smack them. Purgy - don't even go there. I know where to find you....

Hey - here's a little bit of somewhat-useful information for you: The Movenpick in the Free Trade Zone has a Brazilian restaurant, Churascaria. Wooooo hoooooo! And I have COUPONS. I am like the Queen of Coupons. People just show up and give them to me. Unfortunately, a lotta times it is during my psuedo-diet phase when I am perpetuatin' a diet. Anyhoo, I can't wait to go there and try it. I have had bad, bad, bad experiences in the Movenpick FTZ on many different visits, so I vowed never to return, but now I have COUPONS! and they have BRAZILIAN steaks with gauchos carrying meat on sticks.... what's a girl gonna do?

I also got invited to try the new Sakura at Shaab, compliments of the Crowne Plaza staff. They are so kind to me. I love them. They always include me when a new restaurant opens and a big shout out to them for their outstanding PR. My friend, Myrna, is the manager for the Rib Eye and Ahmadi restaurants in Farwaniya and if you ever have a chance to say hello to her, I encourage you to go and do it. She works ALL the time, has much worse of a social life than I do ("You have no life, Desert Girl" - I can say it; you can't.) and ... here's the kicker because you wouldn't know it... she's the only American restaurant manager that the CP/Holiday Inn chain in Kuwait has. Go say hi. She's such a sweet person.

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Yep - elbows! I guess blood vessels are close to the skin there.