Sunday, June 21, 2009

Affectionate Young Boy Seeks Home

If anyone knows someone who might be looking for a puppy, I'm looking for a good home for this little guy. He's kind of like a floppy plush toy with muscle mass. I've named him "Rocky" (it was that or "Cuervo", "Fendi" or "Spaz"). The vet says he's 3-4 months old and will probably be a medium-sized dog. He's got gorgous brindle coloring and he's very smart: he's well on his way to being completely housebroken; he plays fetch very well; he seems to have a comprehension of "NO!" and he's a quiet guy. I think he'd be good with children as he's just sweet and shy. He's very healthy and playful - seems to be into pillows at the moment. He also gets along well with other dogs (although he's pissing Desert Dawg off by chasing her around - she's old and not at all amused).

Rock Star of Questionable Parentage: Could be some kind of shepard / Koocheedog / Caravan Hound / Rampur Hound (ok, so google it - I'm not making this up) desert dawg mix.

I've got a week (starting puppy series and a little training) and then he's off to Animal Friends League. If you know anyone who would be good to him, please have them e-mail me. I consider taking ownership of a pet to be a life-long (theirs, not just yours) committment on the part of adopters, so please keep that in mind.

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nYx said...

I hope he gets a home. Had I not been allergic to dog and cat hair I'd not bat an eyelid to adopt this lil fella.